Best wireless headphones (bluetooth): which one to choose?

For a few years now, audio devices have been enjoying increasing popularity. Headphones, speakers, headphones and consumers are increasingly turning to these accessories to listen to their music or view their content.

In order to be successful, brands are constantly improving on-board technologies. Noise-canceling wireless headphones are on the rise today. The range is growing and now includes big names from the technology sector as well as audio specialists.

With so many options on offer, choosing the right wireless headphones is not easy. So that you can see better, we’ve selected the best wireless headphones available today.

Sony WH-1000XM4: the benchmark for wireless headphones

© Sony

It’s impossible to start this pick without mentioning the Sony WH-1000XM4, the latest in wireless headphones from Japan. With the WH-1000XM3, Sony has already delivered an almost flawless copy.

Its successor therefore logically uses the same principles and is equipped with new algorithms for sound processing and noise reduction. The result is even better as the XH-1000XM4 is considered the benchmark of the moment.

Firstly thanks to a sound bulb quality with a good balance between highs and mids, but above all excellent bass management. But above all thanks to its impeccable active noise reduction.

Operation is extremely easy, especially thanks to the tactile controls on the right earbud. The companion app is also well designed. Finally, the WH-1000XM4 is compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa. It also supports multi-point bluetooth which is the main weakness of the predecessor.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is available at a price of 349 euros. It comes in black and silver. The WH-1000XM3 is a good alternative for smaller budgets. Cheaper, there are few differences between these two models.

Sony WH-1000XM4 at the best price base price: 379 €

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Sony WH-1000XM3 at the best price base price: 379 €

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Bose Headphones 700: The other one is him

© Amazon

The last of the Bose family has little to envy the Sony model. Long awaited, the successor to the QC 35 II replies present. With his Headphones 700, the American wanted to mark the occasion by fully reviewing the design. A success.

Noise reduction is one of the main strengths. It must be said that Bose’s main occupation was making helmets in the aviation field.

Bose is also a sound quality that is praised by all specialists. The Headphones 700 therefore inherits this know-how. In contrast to Sony’s headphones, the characteristic Bose is characterized by a more mid-range sound. For example, something that podcast fans will love.

Like the WH-1000XM4, the headphones support 700 multi-point Bluetooth connections. Finally, note that this audio headset shines with its great battery life.

The Bose Headphones 700 is available for 320 euros and is available in three colors: black, silver and midnight blue. If your budget is smaller, you can turn to the Bose QC 35 II, which is still a great headset in late 2020.

Bose Headphones 700 at the best price base price: 399 €

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Bose QC35 II at the best price base price: 279 €

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AirPods Max: Apple’s first wireless headphones

© Apple

Apple’s entry into the wireless headset market has caused quite a stir. With the AirPods Max, the Californian giant is making a sensational entry, as it positions its headphones at a high price.

The AirPods Max is marketed for 629 euros and is primarily characterized by its design on the antipodes of the Sony or Bose. No plastic on the Pommé helmet, but aluminum and steel for an extremely elegant result.

On the other hand, the AirPods Max is heavy. And if the flexible fabric hanger makes wearing a headset comfortable, you can feel its excess weight when you listen for a long time.

And the sound in it all? Despite limited compatibility with AAC and SBC codecs, Apple succeeds in taming sound frequencies with flying colors. Spatial Audio technology (already available for some content) and the introduction of Apple Music with lossless tracks promise great things. However, be careful to take advantage of this premium quality. It is important to connect the headphones to the transmitting device with a cable.

AirPods Max at the best price base price: € 629

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Sennheiser Momentum 3: everything for the sound

© Sennheiser

Audiophiles know Sennheiser. This audio specialist has earned a place among references in the world of music production. With the Momentum 3 it therefore offers an alternative to the Sony and Bose models. With good things and not so good.

Its main advantage is the sound quality. Sennheiser masters it and you can feel it from the first time you hear it. The sound is round, warm and sometimes a bit too bassy. But the result is there, this Momentum 3 is a little nugget for music lovers.

Unfortunately, Sony and Bose are always one step ahead as Sennheiser did not achieve such good noise reduction. The Momentum 3 is suitable for listening to music at home or in the office, a little less in noisy environments such as transport or in the city. Too bad, because he had everything to do to rub his shoulders with Sony and Bose. As a bonus, it stands out from its competitors with its rather retro design.

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 is available in black or white for 399 euros.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless at the best price Base price: € 399

Nura Nuraphone: the unexpected headset

© Nura

We didn’t see this one coming. And yet there is something to worry about about market references. The makers of the Nuraphone designed their headphones in a way that is different from anything you’ve seen to date.

In order to provide your ears with the best possible sound, the headphones can analyze your acoustic oto emission. In short, the headset scans the constitution of your ear canal with goldsmith’s precision to reproduce sound bulbs.

To achieve this, the makers therefore envisioned headphones that are both circumferential and in-ear. This design not only enables great sound quality, but also unparalleled immersion.

Incidentally, the nuraphone offers a very ergonomic and comprehensive application. Its autonomy has nothing to envy when it comes to the references of the genre. We will only blame him for a small tendency to warm the ears and insufficient use of the tactile keys. Otherwise it is flawless.

The nuraphone is available in a single black color at a price of 399 euros.

Nuraphon at the best price base price: 499 €

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Master & Dynamic MW65: the sexy wireless headphones

© Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic is an audio brand straight out of Manhattan. And in the Big Apple, you better have style to stand out. M & D therefore attaches great importance to offering particularly elegant audio products.

The MW65 helmet is therefore logically included in this selection, not only because of its polished design and high-quality surfaces. No, Master & Dynamic headphones also shine with their excellent audio quality and effective noise reduction. The New Yorker doesn’t have to envy Sony or Bose on this side.

However, it has two disadvantages. First, it’s a lot less comfortable than its competitors. Style and comfort aren’t always good friends (have you ever worn heels?). Above all, the Master & Dynamic MW65 is expensive.

It is marketed for 499 euros (in five colors, including an especially sexy brown / gray), so it’s less affordable than the big names in the industry. Even so, it is a good product that is recommended for those who want to combine style and good sound quality.

Master & Dynamic MW65 at the best price base price: 499 €

Shure Aonic 50: The Shure Value

© Shure

Fans of our beloved PP Garcia know that Shure is a monster in the audio industry. Known for its professional equipment, the American launched its first noise-reducing headphones this year, which are intended for the general public. The Shure Aonic 50 took two years to design.

If it’s not perfect, this first test is conclusive. Shure is committed to audio quality at the forefront. The headphones are compatible with a number of codecs to the delight of music lovers. Add to that a flawless design and good noise cancellation, and you have a great wireless headset.

However, the Shure Aonic 50 has not yet reached the level of market references. Noise reduction can still be improved to match that of Sony and Bose. The Aonic 50 is above all a heavy and bulky headset that is used especially at home or in the office. This is all the more true as its autonomy is still a little tight to carry with you all day.

The Shure Aonic 50 is available in black, white or brown for 369 euros.

Shure Aonic 50 at the best price base price: 369 €

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Jabra Elite 85H: excellent value for money

© Jabra

By the time you’ve come this far, you may have noticed that wireless headphones are a great financial investment. Rest assured, there are some great, cheaper models out there too.

Such is the case with the Jabra Elite 85H, which is undoubtedly the best value for money on the market. If its surfaces don’t match that of a more expensive model (loud plastic, headphones that keep you warm), it’s still effective.

Let’s highlight, among other things, a very good sound quality (not at the level of the best, but still good), as well as record autonomy. It also supports multipoint bluetooth and comes with the particularly well-designed Sound + app.

The Jabra Elite 85H in particular costs 199 euros, a price that is much cheaper than models from Bose, Sony and others. It’s up to you to see if its little flaws are more acceptable at this price point.

Jabra Elite 85h at the best price Base price: 199 €

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Sennheiser HD 350BT: headphones for less than 100 euros

© Sennheiser

Even if the Jabra Elite 85H is a cheaper headset than its competitors, its price of 200 euros is still high for many consumers.

Good news, with Sennheiser you can benefit from its know-how without spending a small fortune. With the 350BT HD headphones, the audio giant is targeting smaller budgets.

At less than 100 euros, the HD 350BT is anything but ridiculous. Its design makes it very comfortable even for prolonged listening and its headphones offer very good passive isolation.

The HD 350 BT is characterized above all by the audio part. The sound quality is surprising for headphones at this price, provided you don’t turn the volume up to the maximum (distortion). When you add this compatibility with AAC and aptX codecs, you get an explosive cocktail at a reasonable price.

The Sennheiser HD 350BT is available for 99 euros. It comes in two colors: black or white.

Sennheiser HD 350 BT at the best price base price: € 99

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This guide to the best wireless headphones ends here. Of course we will update it when manufacturers release new models. Which headphones do you like best?

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