For the 20th anniversary of the iPod, Apple would prepare a surprise

The very first iPod launched 20 years ago this year. It was October 23, 2001. By the beginning of the 2010s, the iPod was very successful in various versions even after the first iPhone was released in 2007. In July 2017, Apple announced the retirement of the iPod nano and iPod shuffle be be iPod in their original versions. Despite the possibility of buying an iPod Touch for 469 euros for 256 GB of storage space today, a page turns.

However, if Apple seems to have definitely turned the page on the iPod, the company seems poised to give this iconic product a happy anniversary. It is impossible for Cupertino company to forget everything the iPod has given it for so many years. As a result, several rumors coincide that a surprise was about to be revealed early next school year for the 20th anniversary of the iPod.

In November 2020, Apple added “iPod touch” to its Apple Music PR blurb. Now we know why. This fall, Apple plans to release the next version of the iPod touch. Thanks to @ AppleLe257 for sourcing information and @Apple_Tomorrow for the renderings!

– Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) May 21, 2021

What comes up most often is the arrival of a brand new iPod Touch that takes on the design of the current iPhone 12. Like the recently introduced iMac M1, this new iPod Touch should come in multiple colors. According to the first images, with the arrival of the iPhone X, the iPod could finally leave the central button, which has not been on the iPhone since 2017.

A brand new technical sheet

Other rumors suggest that this iPod could include more up-to-date technologies like Face ID and other services that come close to those of the cheapest iPhones like the iPhone SE 2020. However, if this information is confirmed, it means that the iPod price is being revised upwards. Only technology like Face ID can drive the price up quickly.

So far, Apple has not announced anything about it, it’s just rumors. Take with a grain of salt. When the iPod makes its comeback, fans of the Apple Company should be there.

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