Google’s Pixel 6 shouldn’t disappoint gamers

As we mentioned in our Google Pixel 5 review, this smartphone is a pretty good model. For those who prioritize performance, however, this is a bummer.

While its competitors use high-end processors, the Pixel 5 is happy with a chip designed for affordable smartphones: the Snapdragon 765G. The good news, however, is that according to the latest rumors, Google should correct the situation this year with the Pixel 6.

For some time now, rumors have been suggesting that Google would not use a Qualcomm chip on this model, but a chip it developed itself in collaboration with Samsung, codenamed Whitechapel. By giving the Pixel 6 a self-made chip, Google is moving closer to Apple’s model, which controls both the software and the hardware (even the chips) of its smartphones.

And of course, this new Pixel smartphone shouldn’t disappoint mobile gamers as it would come with a GPU worthy of a premium smartphone (as opposed to the Pixel 5’s GPU). This is evident from an article recently published by our colleagues at XDA.

Mali-G78 GPU on the Pixel 6?

Essentially, the website says that a Google rep left a note on Google Issue Tracker suggesting that the Pixel 6 will be using the Mali-G78 GPU. And that’s good news as this is the GPU used by the Samsung Galaxy S21 for the global version. However, it is currently unclear whether the Pixel 6 will use the variant of this GPU with 14 cores or the one with 24 cores.

If the Pixel 6 makes good use of the Mali-G78 GPU, it should allow for great graphics performance on par with the other premium models released in 2021. In addition, Google could also optimize the Android operating system for video games.

In fact, we know that Google is developing a new mode called “Game Mode” for Android 12. Mounain View doesn’t talk much about it right now, but this mode would already be available in the Android 12 beta if it wasn’t working yet. In any case, the Pixel 6 could be a hit with gamers thanks to a GPU worthy of a premium device as well as a mode for optimizing Android for video games.

According to unofficial sources, Google could release 4 new smartphones this year. There would be the Pixel 5a 5G, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro as well as a foldable display device. Recently, the 9to5Google website also released alleged information about these 4 models after discovering that information by digging into the code of the Android 12 beta.

But of course all of this should be viewed with caution while waiting for official information from Google. Logically, Google’s new smartphones will be released in the second half of 2021.

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