If you’re using Zoom, you have a very good reason to buy an iPad Pro

In April, Apple showcased its new 2021 iPad Pro, an 11-inch model and a 12.9-inch model, at its Spring Loaded event. Compared to the 2020 models, this year’s models offer a host of new features, such as using the same M1 chip as the Macs, connecting to 5G networks or the mini-LED screen instead of LCD technology on the 12th , 9 inch model.

In addition, Apple has developed a new function for video conferencing. Thanks to the wide-angle camera of the iPad Pro and the capabilities of the M1 chip for artificial intelligence, Cupertino offers a feature called Center Stage.

“Center Stage uses the much larger field of view of the new front camera and the machine learning capabilities of M1 to recognize users and focus on the frame. As users move, Center Stage automatically pans to keep them informed. When other people join in, the camera detects them too and gently zooms out to reveal everyone and ensure they are part of the conversation. Whether it’s whiteboarding with coworkers or attending a virtual family reunion, the connection experience is now more engaging than ever, ”said Apple.

And the good news is, if you’re using Zoom, that new iPad Pro feature is now available in the app. The announcement came in a statement from Will Chan, product manager. This indicates that this new feature will be available for Zoom users (version 5.6.6) on the two iPad Pros from 2021.

During a video call on compatible models, Zoom will display an option to enable the Center Stage feature. The company also recalls that as stated by Apple, this feature is based on local computing. This means that AI Center Stage does not send any data to the Cupertino company’s servers.

Zoom and Apple, good partners

But that’s not all. Zooming also increases the number of participants you can see on the iPad screen at the same time during a call. If you’re using the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you can view 48 attendees at a time. To see more or fewer participants, just press the screen.

With these new features, Zoom makes the new iPad pros, especially the 12.9-inch model, the ideal tool for video conferencing. In addition, it should be noted that these new products land while we recently learned, thanks to the lawsuit between Apple and Epic, that Zoom, unlike other developers, has very good relationships with the Cupertino company. Indeed, Zoom would have benefited from special access to the iPhone camera.

It is worth remembering that the demand for tablets (and computers) is currently increasing, precisely due to the massive use of teleworking and distance learning due to the pandemic.

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