Is Apple finally interested in cryptocurrencies?

Is Apple finally interested in cryptocurrencies? In any case, this is one of the conclusions that we could draw after posting a job vacancy on the Cupertino company website. In this post, Apple states that it is looking for a business development manager responsible for alternative payment methods.

“We are looking for a proven professional in global alternative and emerging payment solutions. We need your help to create a partnership framework and business models, define implementation paradigms, identify key players and manage relationships with strategic alternative payment partners. This position will be responsible for end-to-end business development, including partner selection, negotiating and entering into trade agreements, and launching new programs, ”Apple said in its job posting.

But what alternative payment methods is the company referring to? This means that the candidate must have at least five years of experience working with or for an alternative payment provider, e.g. B. digital wallets, BNPL (buy now, pay later), fast payments and cryptocurrencies. The job offer also states that the new Business Development Manager will work with Apple Wallets, Payments and Commerce.

As usual, Apple does not mention its future products in these vacancies. For some media outlets, however, the release signals the company’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies.

Apple believes that cryptocurrencies have long-term potential

Note that this topic was mentioned back in 2019 by an Apple employee. At the time, she stated that cryptocurrencies are interesting for their long-term potential. However, no project was underway in this area.

In addition, Apple has no plans to develop a payment system similar to the Diem project (formerly Libra) initiated by Facebook. This was made clear by Tim Cook in 2019. Indeed, Apple’s boss believed that private companies shouldn’t try to get to power by creating competing currencies.

In any case, payment systems are a priority for Apple. The company already offers the Apple Pay system and the Apple Card in cooperation with Goldman Sachs Bank. The Wallet app allows users to digitally store credit and debit cards, transit cards, airline boarding passes, event tickets, student ID cards, etc.

Could Apple soon enable cryptocurrency payments through its products? Or could he allow people to buy his products using these cryptocurrencies? At the moment, the mystery is solved until there are official information from Apple … or the rumors that will be circulating about this new project from the Cupertino company.

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