Jeff Bezos won’t waste time leaving his post

He had announced it for the course of the third quarter, now he won’t wait until August 5th to give up his duties as CEO of Amazon. Jeff Bezos, who has just been overtaken at the top of world wealth, has confirmed the date of his departure.

“We chose this date because it is a sentimental date for me. This is the day Amazon was founded in 1994, exactly 27 years ago, ”he said at the annual general meeting on Wednesday.

The program doesn’t change: he replaces Jeff Bezos, the current CEO of AWS (Amazon Web Services), Andy Jassy. “Andy is known in the company and has worked at Amazon for almost as long as I have. He will be an exceptional leader and he has my full confidence, ”wrote Jeff Bezos on February 3rd.

For his part, the multimillionaire will give up his position as “Executive President”. A position known to former American CEOs who are gradually leaving the company and wanting to hand over the baton.

“I am very excited to take on the role of Executive Chairman, where I will direct my energy and attention to new products and early initiatives,” said Jeff Bezos.

Now Andy Jassy has to juggle Amazon’s burning legal acts, including the antitrust investigation launched in the United States. Amazon weighs 1650 billion dollars on the stock exchange and continues to invest in its new activities in parallel with online trading.

Hours before Jeff Bezos’ announcement yesterday, Amazon confirmed the acquisition of MGM’s Hollywood studios, including licenses to James Bond, Rocky and Handmaid’s Tale. Purchase amount: $ 8.45 billion.

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