Oddworld Collection Review On Nintendo Switch: An Important Trilogy?

In late 1997, PlayStation welcomed a particular oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey. A particularly original title at the time, both in its universe and in its gameplay, leading to a sequel (The Exodus of Abe) and then an Xbox exclusive game (Munch’s Oddyssey) without The Fury of the ‘Foreign ( also Xbox) to forget exclusive). More recently, the license made its comeback on PS5 with an opus (rebooting Abe’s Exodus) called Soulstorm. At the end of May, the games Abe’s Odyssey, Munchs Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath from the Oddworld saga, which are already available individually, will be combined in a compilation available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch Exclusive Oddworld Compilation

Indeed, Microïds has decided to release, exclusively on Nintendo Switch, a cartridge that brings together three works from the saga, with the exception of The Exodus of Abe. It includes the New’n Tasty remake of the first opus, not to mention Munch’s Odyssey and The Stranger’s Fury. A total of three games, which are very different in their approach, but obviously share this much appreciated “Oddworld” spirit.

It’s coming to Nintendo Switch on May 27th… Oddworld: The collection includes New’n’Tasty, Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath.

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PS: Yes, all three games are on the cassette.
PS2: Yes, 3 files will be created. # Oddworld pic.twitter.com/8htEKS3evA

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Unlike a “classic” compilation, you should know that this Oddworld collection doesn’t create an icon on your Nintendo Switch surface … but three, one per game. Besides, we don’t find three surprises. “in HD” as they were already offered on the Nintendo console. And as you may be wondering, the games are all on the cassette, so you cannot download anything (except for possible updates).

As for the games themselves, Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty continues to thrive, although the latter is a port of a title that was released over seven years ago. We find the brave Abe who has to thwart many traps and (as much as possible) dodge the many enemies that interrupt RuptureFarms, Srabania and Paramonia.

A title with perfectly oiled mechanics that is also perfect for the Nintendo Switch and its nomadic game mode. Tested on a Nintendo Switch Lite, the game is still a sheer success today, also visually, to absolutely (re) discover it.

When the first Xbox came out in Europe in 2002, you could rely on a certain Munch’s Oddyssey. The third episode of the Abe saga (after Abe’s Exodus), in which 3D was then selected in order to be able to play the little Munch in addition to the essential Abe. The goal is again to rescue as many Mudokons as possible from the clutches of the Glukkon through a game designed for this aspect of collaboration, with lots of puzzles and other pretty well thought out situations.

As always, humor is ubiquitous, and even if this 3-D work has some obvious signs of age, the whole thing remains very pleasant to play, provided of course that it’s forgiving given an accomplishment (necessarily) in 2021.

As for the final work of this compilation, it’s The Fury of the Stranger, a game originally released on Xbox that gave way to the reputation of … the West. We embody a brand new hero (The Stranger) in a TPS / FPS game with a lot of action on the program. Of course, many puzzles are also part of the game, without forgetting the humor that is inextricably linked to the saga, starting with the ammunition used and in particular the famous Fuzzle. A title that is very different in the saga, but devilishly successful and very inspiring, so much so that it is our little darling of this compilation.

The Oddworld Collection is currently exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and there are no PlayStation or Xbox variants planned for Microids. If you’re a little nostalgic for the good ol ‘Oddworld era and like over 85 million people around the world have a Nintendo Switch, we can’t recommend this Oddworld collection enough. Now available.

Oddworld Collection

We love

Three oddworlds in one! New ‘n Tasty, a great remake game tailored to the nomad game. An omnipresent sense of humor

We like less

Munch’s Odyssey, a little weak No French voice for Abe’s Odyssey and Abe’s Exodus then? Some mechanics have aged well anyway

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