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Cdiscount is a historic player in the French days in France. After this edition has been postponed, the kick-off is finally given and the event ends on June 2nd. The dealer has decided to turn the small dishes into the big ones, with insane promotions across most of the universes. Apple is the star of the day with the AirPods 2 at an unprecedented price and the new MacBook Air M1 at an affordable price.

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French Days Cdiscount: the must-see offers

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Promotions galore

Our selection of French Days Cdiscount offers proves one thing: the retailer has again chosen a strategy of reducing a broad product category. This is already the case for Black Friday and sales, and Cdiscount is back again with very generous discounts. That is why he is once again one of the French leaders during these French Days in 2021.

The great strength of Cdiscount is the general positioning with an extremely large catalog. The latter allows him to offer discounts for very different categories ranging from home appliances to TV, fashion to video games. Some discounts go up to over 60% and the nuggets are there.

With the many promotions we can see a very nice discount on the Dyson V8 Motorhead, which, like the AirPods 2, promises one of the company’s big sales.

French Days Cdiscount starts this Thursday

The French Days start today and end on June 2nd. Much of the event takes place in the first few minutes, and that’s why Cdiscount has not hesitated to launch promotions for brands like Samsung, Apple, Dyson or even Bose for these Cdiscount French Days.

The French days are more like Black Friday than the sale in their mechanics. In fact, if the sales are spread out over an entire month, it’s an event that cuts out in less than a week. Speed ​​is therefore the key if you don’t want to miss out on the promotion of your dreams on Cdiscount. While some offers are available for the duration of the event, others can expire in just a few hours. In addition, during these French days, Cdiscount is constantly bringing new offers to the market. It is therefore important to be quick and on guard.

If you’ve consulted our list of good Cdiscount French Days offers, you can see that all types of products are discounted. From the Dyson V8 to AirPods 2 to a wide range of TVs, Cdiscount saw the big picture for these French days.

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Subscribe to Cdiscount as you wish and earn € 10

While most of the Cdiscount French Days offers benefit from free delivery, you can also take advantage of the event to try out the CDAV (Cdiscount à Volonté) service. You can deliver free of charge in one day all year round.

During the French days you can get € 10 for each subscription in your Cdiscount à Volonté fund. In addition to the delivery benefits, it offers access to the Cafeyn service (unlimited online press) and exclusive discounts. Another advantage is that the CDAV subscription can be shared with 2 relatives.

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