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The French days at Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac have also been postponed this year. While it was supposed to take place in late April, organizers decided to move it from May 27th to June 2nd to allow traditional physical traders to attend. For this new edition, the offers are more generous than in previous operations. Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, but also AliExpress and Amazon responded.

In just a few years, the French Days have become a must-see for French buyers. These are the most beautiful brands that benefit from generous discounts on websites such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Darty or Fnac. But as always, the best deals come first. So you will have to hurry to get them before the supply disappears. Below are the nuggets for this Thursday.

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There are two ways to advertise during the French Days. On the one hand, there is such a thing as flash sales. These are short-lived offers that only last a few hours (a full day at most) and highlight premium brands. They are often limited by the duration, but also by the available stock. Amazon or AliExpress clearly shows the number of units in stock.

In parallel to these Flash sales, the French Days on Amazon and other red-threaded offers are also very important. They are valid for the entire period of the event (until next Wednesday) and affect tens of thousands of references. They are the ones that can be found all over the web. But be careful, they are conditioned again by the available inventory.

The French days, start in progress

In recent years, in the midst of the health crisis, the French days have struggled to find their place. For this summer edition of 2021, operations seem better to start with very good deals. We therefore find brands such as Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi with significantly lower prices, also for premium products in their range. The French are the real winners, as are their wallets.

While sales, which start in about a month from now, are losing momentum (and especially the summer edition), the French days seem like a good season to go. It is a time-limited surgery and is only available on the internet. The big cyber retailers don’t hesitate to cut prices in order to increase sales volume as much as possible.

Originally, the French Days aimed to dethrone American Black Friday. The founding members like Cdiscount, Fnac Darty or Boulanger wanted to start an alternative operation between local traders. Fortunately, they were quickly endorsed by the overseas giants Amazon or AliExpress who backed the quality of the deals on the latest editions. The e-retailer rivalry means the French are the big winners.

If one were to believe that electronics make up a large part of French Days operations, it is not. Dealers offer discounts on all product themes. If you want to get geared up for the summer (gardening, leisure, decorating, etc.) there are thousands of ways you can take advantage of. Fnac, Cdiscount, Amazon and others are fighting over all product categories.

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What should I choose for the French Days on Amazon?

During these French days, Amazon and the retailers made every effort to cover all product categories. On their homepage you can see a small list of the current offers. To continue with the high tech part, smartphones, computers, televisions and other accessories benefit from huge discounts. You can easily climb over 50% on some less popular products.

We can only advise you to check the current offers for the French days on each of the dealer’s pages. If you don’t have a lot of time, we’ve made a list above that is updated regularly. You need to know how to access the deals as some take just a few hours (or even less for the most popular products). Adding this page to your web browser favorites will give you access to the best technologies for French Days.

For these French days, Amazon is competitive. The dealer, who never participates in the sale, decided to increase as much as possible during this process. If Prime Day is set to happen in the coming weeks, this French operation is a great way to showcase yourself. We’ve listed all of his best deals above.

Purchases with great certainty

Whether during the French Days at Amazon or during other activities of the year, customers are always protected. All named dealers are obliged to offer all their customers a right of withdrawal. In France it is a legal requirement, the government wants to protect buyers from shopping on the Internet. If you are disappointed, you can return the product for a refund.

The legal minimum for this period is 14 days. French merchants like Fnac or Cdiscount are limited to this period. Other players are even more flexible, like Amazon, which offers up to 30 days, and AliExpress, which offers 20 days of reflection. Regardless of the online retailer, you can easily buy your French Days.

The real challenge during these French days on Amazon and others will be getting the best deals displayed. Of course, everything is played on the first day (or even before the first day). We therefore have to be very responsive so as not to miss any opportunities. Inventories are limited and the health crisis has not spared the factories’ production capacities.

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