This Fintech startup from Lyon collected 100 million US dollars

A second major funding operation was just announced in French Tech. After ContentSquare hit a record $ 500 million on Tuesday, it’s Agicap’s turn to raise $ 100 million in an impressive Series B. The week is spectacular for French startups, and now Agicap missed a big blow for Lyon and its international influence.

Agicap operates in the B2B sector to help companies manage their cash flows using computer tools and algorithms to support. By considering the different financial data Agicap can provide a solution that automates the various tasks and optimizes business expenditure in real time. Ornikar and Pizza Hut to name a few, are customers.

The Lyon start-up products are based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and the heart of his customers are VSEs and SMEs. This type of positioning will be particularly successful in France in 2021. It is reminiscent of the specialty of the startup Studios eFounders and its nearly 30 companies that were founded in 10 years.

The new fundraising of Agicap takes place a year after a 15-million-euro transaction. The box was launched in Lyon in 2016. Carrying out their activity with investors will allow him to achieve his current goal: to become the European leader in his market and to operate in 10 new countries besides France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

“This shows our desire to make Agicap the European leader in our market and will allow us to further accelerate our international presence by launching in 10 new countries in the coming months,” commented Agicap Co-Founder and CEO S├ębastien Beyet .

Now its valuation has reached $ 415 million. Among the investors, the Californian fund Greenoaks, which has already invested in Robin Hood, Discord or even Deliveroo and more recently in Wiz, a specialist in online cloud storage security. also BlackFin Capital Partners and Partech took part in the cycle.

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