You can now hide the likes counter on Instagram and Facebook

Something promised, something due. After nearly two years of thinking and testing, Facebook has finally made a decision about its counter-strategy. The initial idea was to finally abolish this count. The latter actually poses real comparison problems between users. The youngest of them in particular can feel unwell.

Finally, the company announces that all Instagram and Facebook users can now hide their number of likes. In a blog post, the tech giant explains:

We tested the ability to hide the number of “likes” to see if this could interfere with the experience of Instagram users. What we’ve heard from people and experts is that for some it is beneficial not to see the number of “likes” and for others it is annoying, especially because people use this counter to get an idea whatever is trending or popular, so we give you the choice.

A very divisive debate

Hence, it becomes possible to hide this number in all newsfeed publications and in its own content so that others cannot see this mention. “If you want, you can focus on the photos and videos shared, not the number of likes,” the company claims.

To hide such posts on Instagram, you need to go to the advanced settings. One option then allows you to hide the number of likes and views in this publication. You can also consult the new publications section in Settings, which gives you control over all of the content of your feed.

As a reminder, the debate on this issue has been rather lively. While many are pleased about a reduction in the anxiety caused by the race for likes, on the contrary, others, and influencers in particular, still want to benefit from this data.

For its part, Instagram defended its strategy in July 2019 by confirming: “We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos you share, not the number of likes they’ve gotten. You can still see your own likes by tapping the list of people who liked a post. However, your friends won’t be able to see how many likes your post received. “”

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