10 CRAZY French Black Friday Deals

The first day of the French Days at Amazon, Cdiscount and others was lively. Dealers have presented new offers for very prestigious products. Apple with its MacBooks, iPhones and other AirPods has been taken by storm. This Friday there are still offers and new flash sales have surfaced. We have compiled a complete list of the companies to be entered below.

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The above list of all the tips from French Days on Amazon is constantly updated. We have listed both flash sales and offers available in the common thread. During the day we will update the offers for stocks, codes and new additions.

Many references across all product categories have been sold out since yesterday morning. For the French Days, Amazon and its counterparts cover all product categories. Household appliances and electronics are of course the two very popular topics on the Internet. There are discounts on beautiful brands that sometimes exceed 50%.

Whatever the event, the French Days are the most interesting to begin with. It is clear that this weekend and next week the offers will no longer be so good. Traders reveal much of their offerings on day one, and breakouts are not long in coming. So you have to hurry up so as not to miss out on the best deals.

French Days, a French Black Friday

The French Days were first launched in April 2018. This government-backed campaign, organized by French cyber traders, quickly gained momentum. In order to create a “French Black Friday”, retailers such as Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty have announced a short but intensive phase with thousands of offers.

In contrast to Black Friday, however, the French Days mainly take place on the Internet. Granted, this year the organizing members postponed the event to allow physical vendors to attend, but most of the deals remain on the internet. The founders are all great e-merchants, this is where we have to focus.

When several hundred merchants take part in the French Days, Amazon and AliExpress are officially not one of them. Although they are both in the top 5 e-retailers in France, they are not French and therefore do not officially participate in the operation. However, they have shock offers to compete with the operation and they are forcing the French players to get even better.

On the Internet you can find very high quality offers for these French Days at Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac. If tech products are very popular, you can also benefit from reduced prices for gardening, decoration or even fashion. If you want to prepare for summer while saving, this period is very convenient. Dealers deliver within days (sometimes even 24 hours), you have no problem with delivery times.

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What to choose during the French days?

There are thousands of references for the French Days at competitive prices. All categories are affected, and we’ve made a pretty comprehensive list above. Below are some of our favorite recordings. But as always, it is important to be quick because stocks are limited. In any case, you always have at least 14 days to return your package after delivery.

The first type of product that is very popular for these French days is Apple headphones. When Amazon offers attractive discounts, it is Cdiscount that completely beats the market. This applies to both AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. These are wireless in-ear headphones, so they are also more expensive. The first are 119 euros (instead of 179 euros) and the second at 199 euros (instead of 279). We have never seen better.

The French Days at Amazon are more timid. In the area of ​​small household appliances, we can name the premium vacuum cleaners from the Dyson brand. If the official shop doesn’t offer discounts, you can find some nice deals at the Cdiscount dealer. The latter offered a flash sale for the V11 models, which were quickly withdrawn from the market. Since then, the Dyson V8s have been reduced to less than 300 euros. It’s the best value for money on the market.

We could also mention the French Days specials on the Samsung official website. The manufacturer, which has its own official website, does not hesitate to offer advantages when buying the new Galaxy S21, A52 or even the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet. When you buy the latter, you get a second free tablet. The savings quickly amount to several hundred euros.

What guarantees for your purchases?

During the French Days, Amazon and others are required to offer their French customers the same guarantees on purchases. Even if you buy a product from an ecommerce website, you still have at least 14 days to return your products and receive a refund. It’s a way to buy on the internet without trying, but without risk.

You also have the manufacturer’s guarantee on all common branded products. For example, you have the classic warranty (usually around 2 years for smartphones) on Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi products that you purchase from reseller sites such as Amazon, Fnac or Darty. In the end, shopping during the French Days is the same experience as shopping in normal times, but with discounts.

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