How to (permanently) stop tracking Facebook ads on your iPhone

A few weeks ago, Apple introduced the new 14.5 update to its iOS ecosystem. An update that obviously brought several new features, including a tool that allows the user to opt out of ad tracking. In fact, with iOS 14.5, users are warned when an application is collecting their data and about to share it with third parties, and they can defend themselves against it. Note that a new iOS 14.6 update has been available for a few days.

How to manage ad tracking on your iPhone

A very popular feature as only between 11 and 13% of Apple customers accept tracking when a notification is sent to them, while between 87 and 89% reject it. An element that obviously favors the user, to the chagrin of certain applications, including a certain Facebook. In this regard, it cannot be ruled out that, despite your iPhone with iOS 14.5, Facebook has not yet asked you whether you accept ad tracking or not.


Fortunately, there is a small feature in the iOS settings to limit ad tracking with a simple option to disable it. To do this, go to the Settings section of your iPhone and then click on Privacy. Here you can turn off the “Allow application tracking requests” option, which will force the system to stop tracking on behalf of Facebook and all other applications.

A function officially called app tracking transparency, which not only makes happy among the tech giants. In addition to Apple’s official message, Facebook announced that it wanted to display its own message to users on both Facebook and Instagram.

A way for the social network to provide more information on how to use personalized ads, which Facebook says helps small businesses and keeps apps free. However, I’m not sure if this is enough to get the user to accept ad tracking when given the choice …

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