Samsung breaks its price, they are almost all out 🔥

The Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52 5G are mid-range smartphones on the market. Korean has hit really hard with a phone that combines great tech features with a very low price point. Unfortunately, given the very high demand, the smartphone is out of stock almost everywhere.

On the occasion of the French Days, the official site is making another offer that lowers the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52 to 329 euros instead of 379 euros. A transparent cover is also offered. No wonder the stock is being taken by storm. There is only one color left on this Friday morning (and it is very likely that it will completely go away by tonight). The same applies to the Galaxy A52 5G, which also almost gets out of hand with a double offer.

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The Galaxy A52 and A52 5G are already very popular with the public. Samsung hit the nail on the head with a smartphone that fits the average French realm perfectly. Between 300 and 400 euros, it is an excellent product with advanced technical properties. It gives you security for the next decade.

The Galaxy A52, a new mid-range benchmark

The previous Galaxy A51 was already known to the public, but the Samsung Galaxy A52 should do even better. It offers an excellent update to the previous version while maintaining a great price-performance ratio. Finding this offer live in the official store is a godsend, you can save a lot on this smartphone.

In terms of design, the Samsung Galaxy A52 has a sober and efficient appearance, the signature of the brand. There’s a beautiful 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, a panel that benefits from all of Samsung’s expertise in this area. The camera for selfies is integrated right in the middle of the screen (in a hole), while the rear photo module is placed in one of the upper corners. For intuitive operation when unlocking the device, the brand has placed the fingerprint sensor directly under the screen. The overall presentation is simple and aesthetic.

The range of photos is another strength of this Samsung Galaxy A52. On the front there is a 32 Mpx front camera for selfies. Otherwise, the quadruple photo module built into the back of the smartphone is based on a main module of 64 Mpx, an ultra-wide angle of 12 Mpx, a macro of 5 Mpx and a depth sensor of 5 Mpx. As usual, the brand has worked on night and portrait modes, they are excellent.

In terms of autonomy, the Galaxy A52 includes a 4,500 mAh battery that is also compatible with 25W fast charging. With normal use of the smartphone, you can last almost 2 days without charging, which is good for a model in this category. Fast charging ensures faster energy recovery, and time savings must also be taken into account.

See Samsung’s offer

The Samsung Galaxy A52 works with a Snapdragon 720G chip. If this isn’t Qualcomm’s newest processor, it will be more than enough to play games or use its applications without the risk of latency. Overall, this excellent model uses all the features that one looks for in a smartphone for everyday use, this offer is a real bargain.

Note that there are two versions of the smartphone: one in 4G and another in 5G. Depending on your needs, you have to choose one or the other. In any case, the Galaxy A52 5G is of course also compatible with the 4G network. Be careful, the price difference is significant, so with this criterion you need to weigh the pros and cons.

An offer in the Samsung Store

With Samsung’s Flash discount for the French Days, the Galaxy A52 sees its price drop to 329 euros instead of 379 euros, and you are also entitled to a transparent cover that is offered to protect your new smartphone. This is the opportunity to change your smartphone while lowering your costs with this offer. This model is entitled to all of Samsung quality at an affordable price that’s even lower with this instant discount on the official website.

For everyone who wants a Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung has a nice offer: 50 euros will also be reimbursed for the 256 GB format for the price of 128 GB (practical because the images are high quality and take up space). Here, too, you are offered an official protective cover. Ultimately, this is the best deal for this smartphone that we have seen since its release last March.

When you pick up the Samsung Galaxy A52 from the official website – French Days or not – you can return the phone up to 14 days after receiving the order if you are not convinced. In this case, the return is free of charge and you will be reimbursed the full amount. This can be comforting when you take a new smartphone right online. Please note that every model comes with a 2-year guarantee.

It is worth remembering that this offer will not last on the Samsung Galaxy A52. The model regularly falls victim to its success in the official store, even if it is not available at a reduced price. The attraction of the French Days also increases the enthusiasm for online offers like this flash sale. Don’t wait too long, it may be unavailable within a few hours.

To use the offer on the Galaxy A52, click here:

See Samsung’s offer

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