Sony confirms the arrival of some PlayStation games on mobile

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan took the time to answer several questions during a meeting with investors yesterday. Most of them were about the company’s upcoming projects and the PlayStation in particular. On this topic, Kenichiro Yoshida and Jim Ryan agreed to discuss a future that focuses more on the social aspect and mobility.

This last point has mainly caught our attention. Jim Ryan seemed particularly excited about going beyond the confines of the console. Before explaining what Sony’s ambitions are with mobile games, he took the example of Horizon Zero Dawn and Predator, two games published by Sony Interactive Entertainment that were released on PC last year.

Sony accepts mobile games

This time around, Sony plans to repeat the experience, targeting more PC gamers only, but mobile game enthusiasts as well. Jim Ryan justified this decision by comparing the value of the two markets. On the one hand, we find the stability of the gaming console market, which will weigh more than $ 62 billion in 2020, and on the other, the cellular market, which is only growing and now exceeds $ 121 billion.

At the moment, neither Jim Ryan nor Kenichiro Yoshida announced that the licenses will likely be adjusted in the mobile version. However, if you look at the Sony Interactive Entertainment catalog, you can easily see which games would be best. We are particularly thinking of a car game like Gran Turismo or games that could embed VR like Little Big Planet. A ratchet & clank in platform game mode should also be possible.

As Jim Ryan said, mobile support is just one of many ways Sony’s business is diversifying. The Japanese company is also interested in the cinema, especially the film adaptation of Uncharted.

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