The paid version of Twitter is revealed, will you be tempted?

It’s been a while since Twitter hid its ambition to offer users a paid offering in order to reduce its reliance on advertising revenue. And if this offer has not been officially announced at the moment, it will become clearer.

About ten days ago Jane Manchum Wong, a specialist in reverse engineering, discovered information about this Twitter offer while rummaging through the code of the Twitter application. These revelations made it possible for us to know the name of this future paid mode (Twitter Blue), the benefits offered, as well as the price.

“Twitter is calling its upcoming subscription service ‘Twitter Blue,’ which is currently $ 2.99 per month and includes paid features […] », We read in this specialist’s publication.

And this week it will be confirmed. In fact, this paid offer is now mentioned in the list of in-app purchases on the Twitter page in the App Store. In the US it costs $ 2.99 a month, in France it costs € 2.99 a month.

What will the benefits be?

Jane Manchum Wong not only discovered this information published by Twitter on the App Store, but claims that she activated the subscription and thus became the first Twitter Blue customer. As it stands, Twitter subscribers would offer a tweet cancel feature, the ability to customize the app’s design with new colors, and change the icon’s color. A mode called Reader Mode would also be provided which would allow users to more easily read the content on the platform.

Twitter confirms “Twitter Blue” that the public inclusion of such an in-app purchase in the App Store costs 2.99 US dollars per month

For testing purposes, I’m the first paying Twitter Blue customer 😅😅

Twitter Blue comes with color themes as well as custom app icons

Reader mode is coming soon

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 27, 2021

In her new publication, Jane Manchum Wong does not mention newsletters or press articles. However, Twitter has just acquired two companies, Revue and Scroll, to incorporate these two services into its future premium offerings. Revue is a platform that enables authors to distribute and monetize their newsletters. Scroll has developed a service that enables users to read press articles on an optimized interface without seeing advertisements.

“” […] we plan to include Scroll in an upcoming subscription offer that we are currently considering. As a Twitter follower, imagine having access to premium features that make it easy for you to read articles from your favorite media or from a magazine writer’s newsletter, with part of your subscription going to the editors and editors who create the content “Said the company when it announced the acquisition of Scroll.

As mentioned earlier, Apple has not yet made an official announcement regarding its paid subscriptions. However, the mention of the Twitter Blue subscription on Twitter’s App Store page certainly points to an imminent rollout.

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