These VTCs, competing with Uber, arrive in Nice and Lyon with benefits

There were 200 drivers in Nice and as many in Lyon on Tuesday 25 May and Thursday 27 May to accompany the debut of Marcel, a new VTC service. If the name of this alternative to Uber doesn’t ring, it’s because it was previously only available in Paris. It was born in 2017 and launched in two new major cities this week.

On paper, Marcel proudly shows his “Made in France” page, to the point that in his press release, alluding to his American competitor, he states “pay his taxes” within the hexagon … but what does it offer? Customers? A detailed review of Marcel’s arguments, the application is aimed at individuals and professionals alike.

Focus on CSR

Marcel understood that the mobility sector and the social concerns of companies like Uber weren’t going to make it easy to get started. It announces that one in three drivers currently drives a hybrid or 100 percent electric car in its service. A proportion that will certainly continue to increase if Marcel keeps this in mind.

Then the company says it listens to its drivers in “regular working groups with the profession”. She says she offers “fair prices so that they can make a living from their work”. However, the drivers remain partners, ie they are independent and not employed by the company.

Regarding the remuneration, “Marcel receives a commission of 16% without tax on the races of his drivers, while his competitor Uber takes 25%”, confirms Helmi Mamlouk, General Secretary FO CAPA VTC, in an interview with Le Progrès.

Lyon-Vienna trips

Among other things, the possibility for customers to enter destinations outside of the city is announced. For Lyon, for example, it will be possible to order groceries to get to Vienne (30 kilometers south) or Villefranche-sur-Saône, Bourgoin-Jallieu or Saint-Exupéry.

As in Paris, the competition in Lyon under VTC is tough. In addition to taxis and public transport in the metropolis, it is possible to use applications such as Vitt, Heetch, Taxify, Kapten or even Bolt and Uber, recalls Lyon Métropole.

To consolidate his model, an offer called “Marcel Pro” is also available. As the name suggests, it is aimed at professionals and is similar to a luxury chauffeur service. The idea: to offer companies that have to finance a trip for their employees a special service with planned trips that could prove to be an alternative to buying a company car on the outskirts of the city for employees who don’t have to travel any further.

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