This McDonald’s is offering an iPhone to all of its new employees

McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and many more have a reputation for hiring new employees all the time, and getting hired at one of these fast food restaurants is very often easy. However, several factors, including working conditions or inadequate wages, are increasingly discouraging new applicants.

If this phenomenon is observed in France, it is even more so in the United States. Sometimes the staff shortage is so worrying that business owners are forced to implement new strategies in order to attract new applications. In Altamont, Illinois, the owner of a McDonald’s went to great lengths to find new teammates.

An iPhone to all new team members!

Its offer is quite simple, but effective. Everyone who sees their application validated and stays in the team for at least 6 months will receive a brand new iPhone from their employer. The ad does not indicate which iPhone it is, where the employer was smart. The poster quickly landed on Twitter at the entrance to the store and went viral.


– Bragard (@brogawd_) May 23, 2021

With more than 226,000 likes and 31,000 retweets on this tweet alone, the restaurant must have received a large number of inquiries. This strategy is not an isolated case. In Tampa, Florida, a McDonald’s restaurant offered $ 50 to anyone who went for an interview, even if the application was unsuccessful. The United States remains one of the most severely affected by the pandemic in the world. As a result, giants like Subway or Dunkin had to reduce their opening hours due to a large lack of team members.

This offer is currently only for this restaurant but other owners may implement this strategy based on the success of this strategy.

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