Tucked away in the beta of Android 12, a mode that makes your smartphone more efficient

We’ve known for a while that Google is working on a new feature called Game Mode for the Android operating system. Unfortunately, this novelty was not mentioned by Mountain View during their Google I / O conference held this May.

However, many media are reminiscent of the existence of a hidden menu in the Android 12 beta that would allow access to it. To get into Game Mode, you would essentially have to go to the “Digital Wellbeing” settings of the Android 12 Beta, but this function will not be available to all beta users.

In any case, while we wait for an official announcement from Google, with the Android 12 beta we can already take a look at what the company is preparing for gamers. When you access the Game Mode menu in Digital Wellbeing Settings, there are a total of six different options available to you, according to screenshots shared from the Android Authority site.

Optimization for video games is not yet available

There is a button to take a screenshot, another button to take video recordings, a button to display the number of frames per second, a button to activate the do not disturb mode, a button to broadcast live on YouTube, and one Button to activate the optimization of video games.

Android 12 Beta has a hidden game mode https://t.co/W3jMGAHw0D pic.twitter.com/6B2sqNetbL

– Ahmad Nor Maulana Af (@AhmadNorMaulana) May 19, 2021

This last option is probably the most interesting, but sadly, it’s not yet available in the Android 12 beta (the menu just shows one button that is inactive). However, we can already assume that this feature allows the operating system to optimize its settings in order to maximize the performance when running video games.

It should be noted that if this Game Mode is a novelty, then similar functions are already present on the overlays of certain manufacturers of Android smartphones. As an example, Xiaomi offers its users a function called Game Turbo. In addition to indicators such as CPU and GPU utilization as well as the number of frames per second and practical shortcuts for gamers (e.g. to start a video screenshot), Game Turbo p also optimizes the operating system in order to maximize performance.

“” […] Game Turbo mode allows us to improve the visual quality of the games we install from Google Play, automatically optimizing the phone’s resources by giving priority to the games to play at the maximum quality, ”explains Xiaomi in a published blog post in 2019.

Presumably, Google should do more or less the same thing with its Game Mode feature. For now, however, we don’t know when the company will start testing this optimization in beta.

In any case, the company still has a lot of time. After the first beta, which was released this May, two more betas will be released in June and July, where Google will certainly test more new features. A fourth beta will then be released in August, very close to the final version of Android 12, before that final version is released.

Another good news for gamers is the development of Game Mode for Android 12. Recently we learned that the Pixel 6 should normally benefit from the same GPU as the global version of the Galaxy S21, which should keep it performing well.

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