Which one to choose in this comparison?

There is no question here of reinvigorating the debate between paper books and e-readers. In our opinion, the two formats meet different needs.

The eReader, however, has an undeniable advantage: it enables an entire library to be transported in a reduced size. Perfect for travelers, highly mobile readers or for vacation.

At the end of the year, the e-reader is one of the most popular gifts for the general public. While the supply was still quite limited in the first few years, the market has grown enormously. And if Amazon and Fnac share most of the pie, other players have very interesting e-readers.

Therefore, it is difficult to clearly identify and distinguish the models that best suit your needs (or those of your loved ones). To find you there, we’ve put together a complete guide to the best e-readers. There is something for every taste and every budget.

Kindle Paperwhite: the benchmark reader

© Amazon

If you’re into e-readers, you’ve probably heard of the Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon’s e-reader is arguably the best on the market right now.

Neither too big nor too small, it is characterized by its excellent autonomy, its IPX8 certification for use on the water or its neat design (even if it remains classic).

The Paperwhite draws its strength primarily from its excellent 6-inch edge-to-edge display with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, which is currently the best of the best. In addition, there is certainly a closed, but extremely easy to learn interface. A reference is available from 115 euros. Without a doubt the best value for money in this comparison of the best e-readers.

Kindle Paperwhite at the best base price: € 129

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Kindle Oasis: the high-end e-reader according to Amazon

© Amazon

The Kindle Oasis is more expensive than the Paperwhite and represents the top of the e-reader series at Amazon. Offered from 205 euros, it is aimed at book eaters who want a more comfortable presentation.

As with the Paperwhite, its 7-inch screen is characterized by its resolution of 300 pixels per inch, but above all by its adaptive display. The temperature varies depending on the environment so as not to strain your eyes.

The Oasis is characterized above all by its unique format. Amazon has chosen a handle design that allows you to grip the e-reader for several hours without feeling tired. A gyroscope allows the screen to be rotated depending on the hand used and the control buttons are easy to reach. Of course, it’s also waterproof.

Kindle Oasis at the best price. Base price: € 249

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Vivlio Touch HD Plus: the alternative made in France

© Vivlio

While Amazon (Kindle) and Fnac (Kobo) dominate the e-reader market, other brands are doing well, such as Vivlio, a French company that has decided to work with both giants.

With the Touch HD Plus, the Frenchy manages to offer an interesting alternative to the small e-readers from Amazon and Fnac. The Touch HD Plus has a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, like Amazon’s Paperwhite.

This screen is also characterized by its SmartLight backlight, which adjusts brightness and colors to suit the needs of the reader.

Its slightly rounded design is also not unpleasant and gives it a touch of originality. In addition, it has 16 GB of memory, when most competitors are content with 8 GB for the standard model. The Vivlio Touch HD Plus is available for 150 euros. A great alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite.

Vivlio Lux 5 at the best base price: € 129

Vivlio Inkpad 3: same, bigger

© Vivlio

If we were to simply sum up the Vivlio Inkpad 3, we would say it’s a bigger Touch HD Plus. Vivlio takes the excellent ingredients of his 6-inch e-reader and stretches it to an 8-inch format.

The format, the design, the display comfort (resolution of 300 dpi), Vivlio contains everything that makes the Touch HD Plus successful. The grip is still just as comfortable and the lightness of the e-reader allows longer reading. It’s just a shame: it’s not waterproof. The Vivlio Inkpad 3 is available from 200 euros.

Vivlio Inkpad 3 for the best price base price: 299 €

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Kobo Libra H20: the alternative to the Kindle Oasis

© Kobo

The newest member of the Kobo family, the Libra H20, is the main competitor of the Kindle Oasis. Also equipped with a side handle, it is even more ergonomic thanks to its non-slip back. It’s also waterproof.

Although the handle has physical buttons, the Kobo Libra H20 also comes with a 7-inch touchscreen. It also shines with 300 dpi resolution and an adaptive display. The colorimetry can be adjusted to make reading more comfortable at night.

There is also an extremely simple user interface. Big difference to the Kindle Oasis: Kobo plays the openness card. The Libra H20 can also read files in ePUB format. It is available from 160 euros.

Kobo Libra H2O at the best price base price: 159 €

Kobo Clara HD: the e-reader with an excellent price-performance ratio

© Kobo

If you are on a budget, the Kobo Clara HD is for you. Behind its simple plastic design, the Clara HD stands out as one of the best value for money.

It is available for 129 euros and is characterized by its beautiful 6-inch screen (300 dpi resolution) with ComfortLight technology, which enables the display to be adapted to the ambient light.

Compact and light, the Clara HD accompanies you everywhere and promises long reading pleasure. Add to that a very simple user interface and an open system that allows access to ePUB content and you have one of the best recipes for a small budget.

Kobo Clara HD at the best base price: € 129

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Kindle 2019: the perfect e-reader for beginners

© Amazon

If you are a fan of printed books but want to try the e-reader adventure if you want, the Kindle 2019 is the most recommended model. It will also be suitable for people on a very small budget or casual readers.

The Kindle 2019 is available for only 70 euros and is the standard model from Amazon. But it’s also the most complete in this price range. Its 6-inch screen shows a resolution of 167 ppi, which is not exceptional but is sufficient for long reading sessions.

The 4 GB memory may seem a bit tight, but it will be completely sufficient for the target group. Finally, note that like other Kindle, this model can only display content from the Amazon ecosystem. Nevertheless, the interface is very easy to use and the catalog of the American giant is very extensive. Important note: The Kindle 2019 is not waterproof. An acceptable sacrifice for the price.

Kindle (2019) at the best base price: 79 €

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Whether you’re a book addict or the casual reader, you now have some great eReader testimonials. This guide will of course be updated over time to reflect the new features announced.

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