Are you addicted to your smartphone? OnePlus wants to heal you

OnePlus is not satisfied with offering a Google Stadia package to all smartphone buyers from its store and is also thinking about your health. In fact, the manufacturer cares about your digital wellbeing and intends to improve your digital wellbeing. How? “Or what? By seeing how addicted you are to your smartphone!

A WellPaper screensaver at OnePlus

OnePlus has its own department that is responsible for experimenting with different software: OneLab. The latter has just formalized its latest discovery, namely an application called WellPaper. An application with a comfortable name, which should therefore serve as a background image, but also take care of your well-being. To do this, WellPaper highlights your smartphone usage data directly on the home screen to encourage healthier use of the device.

“The smartphone applications are grouped into 6 different groups with a specific color for each category: entertainment, lifestyle & communication, social media, tools, information & business and finally gaming. This allows you to create a dynamic wallpaper that is updated every time the phone is unlocked according to the applications in use, ”explains OnePlus.

As you have surely understood, the smartphone shows the time spent in each category directly on the screen of the latter. You will finally realize how much time is lost every day wandering aimlessly on Twitter and Facebook, but also the time you have spent having fun or looking for information on the web. There is a total of three different wallpapers to choose from: Composition, consisting of colored rectangles and inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian, Radial, which merges the 6 colors into a wallpaper with softer tones, and Glow, which consists more or less of rings of light, thick.

Keep in mind that OnePlus already has several tools to offer its users a detox, including Zen mode. Now it is up to you to see if you are ready to become aware of your smartphone addiction. The WellPaper application can be downloaded directly to any Android smartphone via the Google Play Store.

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