Three good reasons to watch the Mare of Easttown series on OCS

Mare Sheehan is a police officer from the small town of Easttown, Pennsylvania. She tries to solve an old, unresolved case of disappearance and falls into despair. This fear is reflected in his daily life and complicated personal life. Then there is a new drama that will throw this little community of the “rust belt”, where everyone knows each other, into an uproar. A murderer is found there and Mare is determined to find him.

In this difficult context, the new series by HBO Mare of Easttown (broadcast in France on the OCS channel) takes place. If this fiction gives us a glimpse into America and the social problems it faces, it is nonetheless compelling. She remembers The Killing or True Detective in this regard. Here are three great reasons to watch these seven episodes, the last of which will air on Monday, May 31st.

Lovable characters who are rooted in their time

Of course, when we think of the gallery of protagonists, we primarily think of Mare, a policewoman who is plagued by rather strong personal and family problems. The latter is far from perfect, but still human, adorable and perfectly embodied on screen by Kate Winslet.

His partner in the investigation, Colin Zabel, shows no lack of interest. We can see right away that his past is not as brilliant as it seems. The young man fumbles and is still looking for himself, even if he seems to have enough instinct to move the investigation forward.

Mare from Easttown, there are also many personalities who are well anchored in their time that we let you discover in the episodes.

Easttown is full of secrets

What stands out immediately about this series is how well everyone in Easttown seems to know each other. The framework is therefore very suitable for a long-term investigation in which all secrets are gradually revealed. It’s a great classic of this type of fiction, some people who seem good in every way are ashamed of many things. Conversely, others sometimes reveal their humanity.

History also shows us, without saying too much, the needs of a popular and rural America that is trying by all means to get out of it. When there is mutual help, there is competition and rivalries and trifles are part of the daily life of the residents.

A compelling detective story

Mare of Easttown is a series that takes time. Additionally, the first episode can be confusing for more than one and some may give up. This would be a real mistake because this introduction is to immerse us in this fellowship. Once the story starts, each episode has its share of revelations and the investigation continues at a good pace.

Sometimes everything speeds up and you stand in front of your screen in amazement. That is the strength of this fiction: to tell how the everyday life of a community that could not be more banal is driven by the unexpected and horror.

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