Which countries are most targeted?

Cyber ​​attacks have become commonplace in recent years. However, some draw attention to themselves because of their size and threaten entire parts of the economic and political spheres of certain nations. To see it more clearly, Statista has compiled data published by Specops and taken from the Visual Capitalist site. The opportunity to see which countries are hardest hit by major computer attacks. Note that the latter resulted in losses of over a million dollars.

# Cybersecurity: This map shows the countries that have suffered the most cyberattacks since 2006. The United States is by far the most affected, with 156 documented such attacks, averaging more than 10 per year: https: // t. co / ZYTFIJUhAe pic.twitter.com/HVdiZToOqe

– Statista France (@Statista_FR) May 12, 2021

Unsurprisingly, the United States was hit hardest by this phenomenon, with 156 cyberattacks registered between 2006-2020, or an average of 11 attacks per year. France has suffered 11 cyberattacks in these 14 years. A significantly lower number than the British neighbors (47) and Germany: 21. Strategic countries in the Middle East are also mentioned, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia: 15 attacks each.

France has presented a billion euro cybersecurity plan

In this ranking we also find Canada (12) and Israel (11). Ukraine reported 16 large-scale computer attacks. Russia, not on this map, does better with 8 major cyberattacks in 14 years.

As a reminder, this problem is popping up on the news more and more often. Like hacking Microsoft’s business email last March. In France, according to the National Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi), no fewer than 15,000 computer servers are exposed to vulnerabilities discovered by hackers. In the comparison game, France does less well than Great Britain (8,000 affected servers), but significantly better than Germany (over 60,000).

Cyber ​​security is an issue that is taken seriously by the authorities. Last February, Emmanuel Macron presented an investment plan worth one billion euros until 2025. The aim is to identify attacks in advance instead of having to react in an emergency. The idea is also to strengthen this area of ​​activity, which could well become a source of jobs in the future.

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