Fiber for 10 euros, it’s a CRAZY offer (-75%) πŸ”₯

A few years ago, choosing an internet box could seem relatively complex to users. Over time, the suppliers have clarified the process so that everyone can find their way around: The operation now takes no more than a few minutes. This weekend is a perfect time to move on to a new subscription, with important offers taking center stage.

Bouygues Telecom and SFR surprise with shock offers on their Internet box. The two providers offer a fiber deal for 10 euros per month, which means that the likelihood is (very) high that it will cost less than your current subscription. Remember don’t wait long, those flash sales will go away in a few days.

Check out what Bouygues Telecom has to offer

If you are looking for an Internet box, you have to be a β€œnew” customer of a provider of your choice. SFR customers will not be able to benefit from the offer this weekend as the goal of these offers is to attract other users who leave their current plan for another subscription. Existing Bouygues Telecom customers can also not take advantage of this special offer.

Bouygues Telecom, the simple box (inexpensive)

Bouygues Telecom offers several Internet-Boxes, its offer is complete in order to meet the expectations of a very large number of customers. The provider is known for its accessible formulas as well as its customer service that allows users to visit physical stores (in addition to online service). This weekend he is making a must-have offer for one of his popular subscriptions.

With the current promotion, the Bbox Fit Internetbox costs 9.99 euros per month only for high-speed fiber optics (300 Mb / s download) with unlimited calls to the fixed network. Quite simply, it’s one of the best deals on the market today: you’re eligible for fiber for less than $ 10, few competitors can boast of it. The price is guaranteed by Bouygues Telecom for the entire first year, including the duration of the commitment. This subscription does not include the TV option.

To discover this internet box, it is here:

See the Bbox Fit offer

To complete its offer, Bouygues Telecom offers two additional Internet boxes. They can also satisfy you as they have a few more options than the first formula. In both cases, the prices shown and the duration of the engagement extend over a year.

The other two internet boxes are called Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym. The first sees its price drop to 21.99 euros per month for very high-speed fiber optics (1 Gb / s download), calls to landlines and mobile phones, then a 4K TV decoder and 180 TV channels.

The latest Bbox Ultym Internetbox for its part is the highest quality offer in the range, it costs 27.99 euros per month for fiber optics with ultra high speed (2 Gb / s in download), unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones, access to the Cafeyn- Service, a bonus (4G key, Canal + Series, etc.) and a premium installation.

All pricing details are published on the Bouygues Telecom website as prices are guaranteed for the entire first year. Finally, the provider can charge up to 100 euros in cancellation fees for his account if you leave your current subscription.

SFR, an internet box for 10 euros per month

SFR is also a leading player in the Internet Boxing market, its offering is divided into the formulas SFR Fiber and SFR Fiber Power. It also offers very competitive prices during the first year at general prices that are more than reasonable. This supplier also posted a top-class deal this weekend.

It’s very simple, the SFR Fiber Internet Box drops to 10 euros per month (instead of 38 euros per month) for very fast fiber optics (500 Mbit / s in download and 500 Mbit / s in upload) with unlimited calls to landlines and 160 TV Channels. Suffice it to say that in addition to the TV option, this formula promotes excellent flow.

To know more about this SFR Fiber Internet Box, please find it here:

See the SFR Fiber offer on p

This price is guaranteed for one year, you save significantly on your Internet box for the entire first year. After this period, the subscription increases to 38 euros per month, which means that you have saved less than 336 euros over a year, which is still a considerable sum.

The duration of the commitment at SFR is also one year, so you can use the best price on your internet box without preventing you from returning to the base price after 12 months. For a smooth transition to your new provider, you may also be able to consider a cancellation fee of 100 euros.

For those who are looking for an even stronger flow of SFR, there is the SFR Power formula. You can also pair it with a Box 8, which increases the speed and offers an even more immersive viewing experience. This is an option that has just been added to the basic Internet box (Box 7). However, if you are a large family with a heavy need for internet speed, this is an option to consider.

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