once again confirmed the failure of the new policy

The failure of the new WhatsApp privacy policy has just been confirmed once again. The Facebook group’s messaging system reminded that, despite their refusal to accept the new contract released earlier this year, their users will not be excluded from the features of the service.

As of May 15, despite the application’s numerous reminders and extensive media coverage, the Facebook messaging community has been surprised to find that nothing has changed. Many users waited until the last day to make their choice. And many still refuse to agree to the new confidentiality to this day.

In a statement, a WhatsApp spokesman reiterated his admission of weakness. “In light of recent discussions with various government agencies and privacy experts, we would like to make it clear that we are not restricting WhatsApp’s functionality to those who have not yet accepted the update,” he confirmed.

Memories “from time to time”

This way, you can continue to use the application without any problems even though it “reminds users from time to time to let the update accept the update”. With your consent, the purpose of this new policy is to allow the sharing of user data with the rest of Facebook products, including the social network, but also Instagram (which are already exchanging data between them).

A messaging spokesman announced the election on May 7, though confusion in the media cast doubt on users. His speech in a blog post was an opportunity for WhatsApp to boast that “the majority of people have accepted the update and WhatsApp continues to grow”.

Hard to know, but it’s clear that the app continues to gain users (despite the exodus to alternatives like Signal and Telegram). As of March 31, WhatsApp had 3.45 billion monthly active users compared to 3.3 billion on December 31, 2020 and 3.21 billion eight months ago.

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