Twitter is already putting its certification system on hold …

A few days ago, Twitter released its brand new form that the user can use to request certification of their account. A phased deployment that is available to some users and not to others. Even if you were one of those people who scoured their Twitter accounts for the precious certification form, you may not like the following …

The new certification system has already been put on hold

In fact, Twitter just confirmed what we suspected: too many requests. The social network has therefore decided to pause its certification system that has just been introduced in order to give itself time to respond to inquiries that have already been made. Remember that the last “break” in the certification system was a trifle of four years …

We’re introducing review requests. So we need to pause for now to accept more while we review the ones submitted.

We will open inquiries again soon! (we swear little fingers)

– Twitter Verified (@verified) May 28, 2021

A certification system that has been open to a large number of users for a few days, but the process of which is still very opaque. In fact, if some elected officials were able to get their precious blue badge, many were turned down by Twitter. Denials, which in reality are never justified, even if the user ticks all the boxes that should allow him access to the “certified account” status.

It remains to be seen how long this new Twitter hiatus will last. “At the moment, while application acceptance is suspended, application access rollout is also suspended. As soon as the applications are reopened, we will resume providing access to the application process, ”explains the social network. Keep in mind that Twitter also plans to pay for certain features of its network through a monthly subscription called Twitter Blue.

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