Apple Podcast is Apple’s worst service, until when?

Apple is competing with Spotify and various streaming platforms to become a benchmark for podcast listening. Considerable financial resources are being made available for this. Recently, the brand announced that it would offer its users the opportunity to monetize their episodes by marketing them directly to their audience.

The entry into force of these paid podcasts was planned for May. But in a letter to the makers late on Friday afternoon in France, the Apple Podcast service postponed the update to June without specifying a specific date for the moment. Point of contention: the difficulty the brand seems to be having with their service. Generally speaking.

Comments for years

The transition from iTunes to various independent services at Apple has not changed that. Apple Podcast is still a problem for makers, with tools that are sometimes out of order, like the well-known Apple Podcast Connect portal. Via the latter, Apple allows you to register and take control of several configuration tools for our podcast.

As a reminder, podcasts don’t work like videos posted on YouTube. Every creator has to find a hosting solution in order to then inform platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts via their RSS feed. The platforms only read the content, but do not save it.

Spotify offers its own service (Spotify for Podcasters) and Apple has become a nuisance to many people who are unable to add a picture as a podcast cover or even add a custom cover to each episode. The whole podcast registration process is also very fuzzy.

Among the most common errors encountered: the presence of these “works of art” (the covers of the episodes) that are only shown to non-subscribers, so the subscribers have the same podcast logo in each episode. Incomprehensible.

Apple corrected the “glitches”?

In an email sent to The Verge, Apple said it had corrected these “glitches” in the tools offered to developers. “In the past few weeks, some YouTubers have experienced delays in the availability of their content and access to Apple Podcasts Connect. We have solved these problems and encourage YouTubers with problems to contact us, ”said Apple.

“To ensure the best possible experience for creators and listeners, Apple Podcast subscriptions and channels will start now in June. We will communicate further updates on availability and best practices to help you prepare your subscriptions and channels, ”added the brand, offering to subscribe to their newsletter. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything works and that these years of problems are finally resolved.

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