Google wants to integrate a bulge detector into its networked watches

Currently, the connected watch market is largely dominated by the Apple Watch. However, despite the flaws in its ecosystem, Google has not yet given up on this market. That year, the company also completed the acquisition of Fitbit, a connected watch specialist, which it bought for $ 2.1 billion.

Thanks to Fitbit’s products and technologies, Google hopes to position itself better in the connected watch market. In fact, like the Apple Watch, Fitbit’s connected watches focus primarily on monitoring health and exercise.

Fitbit products currently offer a sleep tracking function, for example. This shows you information about the quality of your sleep by recording data from motion sensors and the heartbeat sensor. And soon Fitbit products could also be equipped with a… snore detector.

No official announcement has yet been made about this new feature. However, by digging through the code of Fitbit’s Android application, the 9to5Google site would have discovered the existence of this feature.

Our colleagues explain that this snore detector is not yet in use. However, they could have activated the function for a short time.

And thanks to that, 9to5Google was able to figure out how this new feature will work upon launch.

If you snore too much, Google will tell you

What the app would say, “While you sleep, your Fitbit device’s microphone can monitor noises, including snoring from you or someone next to you. In the night we are looking for:

Sound intensity: We analyze the noise level (how loud or quiet it is) to determine the basic noise level. Snoring events: We are specifically looking for snoring noises. When our algorithm detects an event that is louder than the noise floor, it does a calculation to decide whether it is snoring or something else. If the noise level in your room is higher than the snoring, this feature may not be able to detect the snoring. ”

This snore detector would show three types of results: “not too light” if you snore less than 10% of your sleep time, “moderate” if it is 10 to 40%, and “frequently” if it is 40%. is%. In addition, using the microphone also allows Fitbit products to get an idea of ​​the level of ambient noise in your room (regardless of snoring).

Except for an official announcement from Google, all this information should of course be treated with caution for the time being. But in any case, announcing such a feature would allow the company to strengthen its products in the healthcare sector. However, it is not certain that, for reasons of confidentiality, everyone will allow a Google product to activate the microphone all night.

As a reminder, during its I / O conference, Google announced a new partnership with Samsung. The two companies have decided to merge their connected watch platforms to better face the competition from the Apple Watch. Google also announced the integration of Fitbit features into its Wear OS ecosystem.

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating about Apple’s development of new sensors that would detect blood sugar levels as well as blood alcohol levels for upcoming Apple Watch watches.

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