here are the 10 CRAZY offers for this Monday morning

The French Days got off to a very lively start in the new edition 2021. Since Thursday, major French retailers have been offering generous discounts on thousands of items. Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty lower prices. Foreign players like Amazon and AliExpress are not neglected. Check out our list below for the best deals.

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For these French Days, Amazon is behind the French giant Cdiscount. It is really he who created all the dynamics around this event. Every day he reserves new nuggets for us from the biggest brands: Apple, Samsung, Philips, Dyson or Xiaomi, the most popular are at reduced prices. But as always, the supply is limited.

For the most part, these are flash sales that are highlighted for the French Days. This implies that there is a time dimension and a stock dimension for every offer offered. We must therefore quickly take advantage of the opportunities offered by the e-dealers participating in the operation on this Monday as well.

In the list we have provided above, there are mostly electronics and home appliance specials. These are the categories of products that sell best on the internet, but they’re not the only ones. At the French Days, all topics are really in the spotlight. If you are more of a craftsman, decorator or want to prepare the garden for summer, everything is included.

The French Days, a top event

The French Days were originally intended as a French reaction to Black Friday. It took a long time to establish itself as a benchmark company on the French trading calendar, but it is now a done deal. This year the event was exceptionally postponed for a month due to the health crisis. Usually it takes place in late April.

This year the French Days will take place from Thursday, May 27th to Wednesday, June 2nd. The principle is as follows: Dealers reveal a large part of the offers from the first day of introduction. Obviously there are bottlenecks from the first few days. Still, they make up for it with flash sales every day, including this Monday. Amazon is also very good at this.

For this new episode of French Days, Amazon, Cdiscount, and everyone else have laid off the heavy artillery. As you’ll see in our guide below, some very big brands are in the spotlight. In order to increase the reputation of the event, Cdiscount really relied on the big brands. Products at reduced prices have never looked so attractive, that’s extra.

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Our guide to good offers

For these French days, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and everyone else have very generous discounts, by the thousands. It is therefore necessary to know how to sort in order not to disperse. This is why we created the list above. We have only selected the best offers. They are updated in real time to make your work easier.

Now if we had to remember just a few, here are the ones we would choose. The most competitive of these French Days offers can be found at the Cdiscount dealer. In this case we will find a special discount on the excellent cordless vacuum cleaner (and bagless) Dyson V8 this Monday. It is a model that is several years old, but ultimately still comes close to the latest model. And it’s twice cheaper: it is displayed at 299 euros instead of 449 euros, while the latest V11 is 599 euros. The difference in performance is relatively small (30%) compared to the price difference.

The second little nugget of these French Days is available from Amazon and Cdiscount. These are the excellent AirPods Pro from Apple. These wireless active noise canceling headphones are some of the most popular on the market. By default, they are displayed at 279 euros (also on the official Apple website). Thanks to these 2 dealers, you can get them for 199 euros. This is the best price you have ever seen.

After all, we cannot complete this ranking without another Apple product: the MacBook Air M1. This 13 ″ laptop, released at the end of 2020, is a real revolution. It convinced us on all levels, the quality and performance are excellent compared to older models. And the price is even lower. So if Cdiscount drops its price from 1129 euros to 1029 euros, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer.

French days with the same conditions

Just because you are buying at a discounted price doesn’t mean you should be neglecting your rights. In fact, all online retailers are required to give you 14 days to change your mind. During this time, you can return your new products for a full refund. Even during the French days.

Therefore, all players obey the rule for this operation. If you shop on Amazon during French Days, you have 30 days to change your mind. Other retailers such as Cdiscount, Fnac or even Samsung have a 14-day withdrawal period. That gives you a lot of time to think. Flash sales are sometimes complicated to manage; some people buy too quickly.

What is certain is that these French Days at Amazon and others will not last very long. This Monday we find the last real offers on the market. In the coming hours there will only be mid-range offers. Enjoy one more time before it’s too late.

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