Jony Ive would have been involved in the design of the iMac M1

In 2019, the announcement of Jony Ive’s departure came as a surprise to all Apple fans. Ive left his position as Head of Design at Cupertino to start his own company: LoveFrom.

Recently, however, we learned that Jony Ive was reportedly still involved in the design of the iMac M1 that Apple showcased at the Spring Loaded event in April. In any case, Wired magazine said in a 2021 iMac M1 review.

In this article, titled “The iMac 2021 is a great family computer, thanks to Jony Ive (again),” Wired claims that Jony Ive was involved in the development of this new product despite leaving the company. Cupertino in 2019. Unfortunately it is not exactly clear how this is possible.

It is unknown if Jony Ive worked with Apple on this product after leaving in 2019. But Wired magazine explains that developing a product is a long process. It’s also possible that Jony Ive was involved in developing the iMac M1 in 2021 before leaving the company.

In any case, the iMac M1 positions itself in terms of design as a worthy successor to the old iMac G3, which had made Jony Ive famous. Apple also clearly shows this in an advertisement for its new iMacs for 2021. This advertisement for the iMac 2021, in which we see several models in different colors, is actually a cover of an advertisement that Apple had made for the iMac G3.

An ultra-thin screen and the performance of the M1 chip

Announcing this new product, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, said, “With a beautiful design, available in seven vibrant colors, an impressive Retina 4.5K display, cameras, microphones and high-end speakers on a Mac and Touch ID, combined with the exceptional performance of the M1 chip and the power of macOS Big Sur, the new iMac takes everything that makes the iMac successful and raises the bar even higher. “

If Apple highlighted the ease of use of the iMac G3 22 years ago (no peripherals connected, it was enough to plug in the plug), today the smoothness of the iMac M1’s screen is the main selling point.

But design alone is of course not enough to make a good product. And in terms of performance, too, the 2021 iMac hits hard thanks to the M1 chip, which is also used by the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, as well as the 2021 iPad.

Compared to standard 21.5-inch iMac models, the iMac M1 is said to have up to 85% more processing power, which “enables users to export their video projects to iMovie well”. compile new apps in Xcode in record time. ”

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