The French cloud welcomes Bouygues Telecom, which launches its offering

It wasn’t long before Bouygues Telecom followed the Orange and Free path. In addition to offering packages for Internet access through his activity as a telecommunications operator, web hosting and the cloud are now also being integrated into his portfolio of activities.

Bouygues Telecom starts in the cloud

To mark the occasion, a new online store has been launched, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises OnCloud, and the main customers will be SMEs looking for French solutions to host their web platforms, a trend that has accelerated particularly since the pandemic.

Bouygyes Telecom’s buzzword will be national sovereignty as its new entity is in the running to earn a new Cloud of Trust badge to be issued by government services. The label was presented in Bercy on May 17th with the aim of promoting solutions in France.

However, as Informatique News reports, the log for accessing the label is quite long and tedious. Given the experience of historical players, Bouygues Telecom needs to be certified by ANSSI “SecNumCloud”. And it can take months or even years.

Free and Orange have already invested in the sector compared to the French OVHcloud (which wants to go public), but their offer is not explicitly linked to operators. Free customers use Scaleway and Orange OBS customers. SFR has not provided any information about a possible market entry project.

Basically, Bouygues Telecom’s offering is initially based on two French data centers. There will be public, private and hybrid clouds, the company reported on Monday. Usually, the private cloud attracts even more large groups when its infrastructure is colossal.

“We are excited to resize Bouygues Telecom Entreprises today and become a full, sovereign actor under French law at a time when the cloud cards are being reshuffled and our businesses and communities are digitally transforming”, wrote Bouygues Telecom in a press release.

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