The startup namR goes public, an event for French greentech

Ecology startups are on the advance and France has to be very well represented thanks to namR. The company, which was founded in 2017, has only 45 employees, but offers a data analysis tool that specifically helps private or public companies to better monitor the levers for improving their environmental impact.

The construction sector is the most represented among its clients, but namR also works with French insurance companies and banks. The various products are also aimed at companies in order to better understand their customers and optimize their marketing activities. The company is aiming for a turnover of 9 million euros in 2023 and goes public on June 15.

Data in the service of the environment

In short, namR has been developing data analysis tools for four years. His specialization: dealing with thousands of data sources that are important for ecological change. Data “unusable because it is very heterogeneous and incomplete”, writes namR in a press release that, as soon as it has been processed by its tools, makes it possible to find “a unified, enriched, unprecedented, exhaustive, easily accessible and directly usable one”.

Its main activity is aimed at the construction industry: municipalities, managers of private real estate holdings, engineering and construction companies. Turning raw data upside down, namR offers the possibility, for example, of determining information of great importance such as solar potential, degree of greening of a plot, use of a building and energy consumption.

For the insurance and banking industry, its offering focuses on the analysis of environmental and extra-financial risks. This will make the task easier and outsource the process to companies when the entire namR technology has already cost 6.3 million euros in three years and the hiring of a team of data engineers. For insurance companies, namR claims to be able to improve their forecasting model by 40%. It would have succeeded in conquering 20% ​​of the home insurance market in France.

NamR’s other customers are concessionaires for telecommunications, water, waste and energy, distribution companies, but also brands like Leroy Merlin to improve knowledge and monitor customer profiles.

Head of Euronext Growth Paris

However, the flagship announcement in late May is namR’s IPO on Euronext Growth Paris, scheduled for June 15, in hopes of raising € 8 million to accelerate its growth plan. The company intends to expand into three new European countries and further expand its attribute base in order to analyze ever larger and more diverse data and to address new customers.

The Euronext Growth platform in Paris is ideal for these types of small and medium-sized businesses in the Eurozone to avoid waiting and spending too much money to join Euronext Paris. The startup namR works in particular with tools from Microsoft and Salesforce to offer its customers its multi-year subscriptions.

She says that it is thanks to five institutional investors (Inocap Gestion for € 1.6 million, Sycomore Asset Management for € 1.5 million, Financière Arbevel for € 1.5 million, Greenstock for € 0.5 million and Axxion) has already secured EUR 5.6 million in subscription commitments for EUR 0.5 million). The fixed price offer is already known: 10.20 euros per share. The subscription period runs until June 9th before the start of trading on June 15th.

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