Y-Brush breaks the price of its revolutionary toothbrush for the French Days 🔥

The Y-Brush toothbrush has been a hit since its inception. The principle ? 10 seconds for a complete brushing and, above all, ultra-fast. For the French Days, the brand is offering a very nice discount with its starter package for € 89 instead of € 124.99:

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Y-Brush: How does it work?

The Y-Brush takes a completely different approach to brushing your teeth. The nylon brush uses 35,000 filaments that clean teeth and gums at the same time. There are three vibration modes to choose from, 5 seconds (strong), 10 seconds (standard) and 15 seconds (gentle). Sound vibrations are known for their effectiveness and the Y-Brush will last 2 to 3 months after a full charge.

Vibrating toothbrushes are not new in themselves, but the Y-Brush stands out in terms of format. With a Y-shape, it cleans all teeth in a dental arch at the same time. The method used is that of Bass. Simply apply the Y-Brush, chew on it and the sound vibration does its job. While the health recommendations for classic brushing are 2 minutes, the effectiveness of the Y-Brush divides this time by 120 and drops to 10 seconds. It’s convenient for both on the go and around the house.

A special offer for the French Days

While the product has finally been back in stock for a few weeks, the price offered for the French Days is simply unheard of. It was launched in February 2021 for 179 euros and is available for 89 euros with an overall discount of 50% during the French Days. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is go to the product page, no coupon needs to be used. This package contains everything you need with a handle, a brush and the charging cable. There are two sizes available, S for children aged 4 to 12 and M for those over 12 years of age. In addition, the children’s package is even cheaper during the French Days at € 79 instead of € 124.99.

Y-Brush also offers accessories, including an adapter for the toothpaste that allows you to dose perfectly without wasting. Interestingly, you can use the same handle with multiple brushes. During all French Days, all accessories are offered at a 15% discount.

Above all, to take advantage of it, you have to be quick. The offers are offered while stocks last, if you know the commercial success of the Y-Brush, there shouldn’t be something for everyone:

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