You will soon be able to charge your Xiaomi smartphone in less than 10 minutes!

A few months ago, Xiaomi promised to provide its customers with a charging system from this year 2021 that will restore 100% of the battery in less than ten minutes. A record, of course, achieved thanks to ultra-fast charging of 200W.

Less than ten minutes to charge your next Xiaomi smartphone

Since it is not possible to offer batteries that have an autonomy of more than three days, some smartphone manufacturers have decided to take full advantage of the fast charging route. Such is the case of Vivo, Oppo or even Xiaomi, who introduced 80W wireless technology earlier this year that could charge a smartphone in less than 20 minutes.

Today Xiaomi is lifting the veil of another charging technology, this time wired, with a system that can fully charge the battery (4000 mAh) of a Mi 11 Pro in just … 8 minutes. Thanks to this HyperCharge 200W technology, Xiaomi can charge the battery of a smartphone in record time (to 100%). It takes 15 minutes with its wireless counterpart at 120 W.

Charge up to 100% in just 8 minutes with wired charging and 15 minutes wirelessly! #XiaomiHyperCharge

To be too good to be true? Check out the timer for yourself! #InnovationForEveryone

– Xiaomi (@Xiaomi) May 31, 2021

Fast charging is undoubtedly the new hobbyhorse of the various Chinese smartphone manufacturers. It’s now been a long couple of months since they’ve been competing in ingenuity to offer ever faster top-ups, and darned handy for the user, there’s no denying it. According to The Verge, “It should be noted, however, that these fast-charging systems still require proprietary chargers and cables, so they are primarily used in the home rather than in emergency situations where they might be most useful.”

For comparison: An iPhone 12 also has a fast charging system with an optionally available charger and an output of only 20 W, ten times less than the solution presented by Xiaomi.

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