Boursorama Banque offers a bonus of € 130 (24 hours)

In just a few years, Boursorama Banque has become THE indispensable online bank in France. With almost 3 million customers, the subsidiary of the Société Générale group is moving closer to more traditional houses. Recognized as “the cheapest bank in France” for 13 years, it attracts customers who want a simpler, more transparent and cheaper banking relationship.

To top it off, Boursorama Banque offers all of its new customers a welcome bonus. If the latter is 80 euros as standard, it can sometimes experience a one-off boost during special operations. This is exactly the case on this last day of the French Days: You can receive up to 130 euros for the very first account opening.

You have to use the code FLASH130 to benefit from it:

Take a look at what Boursorama Banque has to offer

How do I get the bonus of 130 euros?

With this special bonus, Boursorama Banque is the most generous online bank in France. Not only from the quantity offered, but also from the flexibility of the conditions. In fact, you can open a free and unconditional account and get the maximum reward. It is worth remembering that she has 2 different formulas: Welcome and Ultimate.

The ultimate formula is the most popular variant in online banking. It is an account linked to a bank card (Visa Premier type) ideal for everyday life and travel. The latter makes it possible to receive a bonus of 130 euros for the first opening.

In this case, you will have 50 euros when your account is activated (if your file has been approved and you have paid the minimum amount to activate the account). Then you will receive 80 euros more when you order your card. You only have to go to your customer area to order the bank card: it is also free. Boursorama Banque is the only institution that offers a card equivalent to a Visa Premier free of charge and without any conditions.

Check out the Ultimate Offer

The welcome formula is a more restricted bank account. If you don’t want an overdraft and want to limit limits, this is a great way to get framed. It’s a free and unconditional account again, and it’s also very popular (especially with young people). This allows you to touch 80 euros the very first time you open an account: 50 euros when activating the account and 30 euros when ordering the card.

Why choose Boursorama Banque?

Boursorama Banque is the leading French online bank with almost 3 million customers. The first runner-up is none other than ING, who are satisfied with a small million users. It must be said that Boursorama Banque has not hesitated to diversify its offer in order to play at all levels: both that of traditional banking and that of neo-banking. The result is convincing.

Online banking is very aggressive on the price list: in 2020 55% of its customers did not pay any banking fees. In addition to being the cheapest bank in France, it is also one of the most complete. Their product range corresponds to that of a classic bank, which is not the case with all online banks (and even less with neo-banks).

Certainly some will criticize the fact that it is a 100% online bank with the disadvantages that come with it. The most important one is the lack of physical presence: you no longer have a physical bank advisor assigned. However, Boursorama Banque more than makes up for this with a large team of experts that can answer all your questions ultra-quickly and precisely. It will be placed on the Customer Relations Podium for the third time in a row, a study by the Kantar company.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition

Annual fees: € 0 • Initial deposit: € 300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: € 0

Withdrawals in the Eurozone: Free of charge • Payments in the Eurozone: Free of charge

Withdrawals in foreign currency: 1.69% • Payments in foreign currency: Free of charge



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