Boursorama is new in France and opens private placements to its clients

The advent of numerous online brokerage solutions has led Boursorama to reinvent itself. The broker just unveiled a new feature that opens doors to the stock market for retail investors like we’ve seldom seen.

After the end of Euronext Paris (5.30 p.m.), new shares can be acquired at lower prices in some cases as part of capital increases or share sales.

Historically, these securities transactions have never been accessible to individuals. Boursorama wanted to change that. An important innovation that has just been announced in cooperation with PrimaryBid in its new “PrimeTime” service.

Institutional investors will no longer be the only ones with access to private placements from publicly traded companies, a funding system popular in certain sectors. Until then, the entry barrier was primarily of a financial nature: the “fools” had to invest at least 100,000 euros in every transaction, at a discount from the company prices.

Democratization of access to the stock market

“With PrimeTime, Boursorama customers can […] Benefit from a new stock market investment solution that was previously reserved for institutional investors, simply, free of charge and at a preferential stock exchange price. We are excited to democratize access to the stock market and strengthen the key role of private investors in financing the real economy as we have done for more than 20 years, ”said Benoit Grisoni, CEO of Boursorama.

He recalled that the increase in the number of market participants has not slowed Boursorama’s growth. In the online brokerage business, 200,000 new customers have been added since the beginning of the year and around 2.3 million orders were executed in the first quarter. For its part, the online bank Boursorama Banque is approaching 3 million customers, taking first place in the French market. Even complete, its range is becoming more and more impressive.

Discover Boursorama Banque

In addition, registration for the new “PrimeTime” service is very easy. Whether you are a Boursorama Banque customer or just a broker service user, post-session transaction registration is accessible with just a few clicks on your computer or mobile phone. Boursorama’s service is provided thanks to its partnership with PrimaryBid, which has just landed in France.

In the future, this partnership with the operator Euronext’s platform could make it possible to offer additional new services. A central goal: to democratize access to investment. And narrow the gap between institutions and individuals looking for new solutions to make their savings work.

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