EU makes a digital wallet available to all of its citizens

The European Union is about to take a blow in terms of administrative simplification. According to the Financial Times, a digital wallet will be presented on Wednesday that will help the citizens of the old continent to save their payment details and passwords.

The system should also make it possible to store official documents such as driver’s license or ID cards or to access private and public services online with a single identifier. Therefore, according to our colleagues, the aim is to simplify the lives of residents by limiting administrative procedures.

The EU has already made progress on the health passport issue

In this regard, the Financial Times cites the example of remote car rental. Thanks to the application, the service was able to verify your identity and issue an electronic key without going through a company counter.

The EU also knows that it will be eagerly awaited when it comes to the security and confidentiality of personal data. It will therefore be exemplary. This allows users to open the application using a fingerprint or retinal scanner. The data collected may under no circumstances be used for marketing or other commercial activities. Finally, of course, this system is not compulsory and is based on voluntary service.

It therefore remains to be seen how this project will be formalized. For its part, the UK media say this system could be up and running in about a year.

As a reminder: The 27 countries of the European Union recently agreed on the idea of ​​a health passport for travel while the pandemic lasts. It is known as a “digital Covid certificate” and has a QR code that must be presented in digital or paper form at border controls.

It can contain three different elements: a vaccination certificate, a certificate of recovery, or a negative test. The device should be ready for most citizens of the old continent from July 1st.

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