The shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series X could last for “several years”

Since their release last November, the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles have struggled to become available to meet strong consumer demand. Despite a very good start and a PS5 that continues to panic, both consoles are experiencing major inventory issues related to semiconductor shortages.

Microsoft and Sony wanted to calm down by pointing out that everything should be back to normal from this summer. The discourse has changed a bit in the last few weeks. PlayStation reveals that the situation should remain tricky until the beginning of 2022. Today the CEO of Intel, responsible for semiconductor manufacturing, announced that the shortage could last “for several years”.

Long time no PS5 and Xbox Series X?


Pat Gelsinger, General Manager of Intel, has spoken about the situation and semiconductors and there is nothing reassuring. According to the latter, the shortage should last for several years and at the same time prevent the production of many devices in Tech, whether PCs or video game consoles.

While the industry has taken steps to address short-term constraints, it could be a few more years for the ecosystem to address bottlenecks in foundry capacity, substrates and components.

Pat Gelsinger, general manager of Intel

The situation around the PS5 and Xbox Series X is therefore likely to worsen over the course of the months. The same goes for high-end graphics cards and the Nintendo Switch, which could quickly get into trouble. According to the latest information, Nintendo plans to bring a new, more efficient model of its successful console onto the market at the end of the year. The Switch Pro could suffer the same fate as the PS5 and Series X, with major failures.

For its part, Sony does not intend to wait without doing anything. Many rumors from the corridors indicate that a “PS5 Slim” with new semiconductors would be in preparation for the year 2022, which this time will not go out of style. Case follows!

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