This is how Google could make the Pixel 6 the king of photography

For many Android fans, the Pixel 5 was a disappointment. Though the device offers a good experience, this model, which is supposed to be a top of the line, is far surpassed by the competition in terms of specifications.

In fact, Google opted for a cheaper chip. And on the camera side, although the company’s algorithms compensate for the hardware deficiencies, the Pixel 5 is also being overtaken by premium models from brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and of course Apple.

But the good news is that with the Pixel 6, Google could fix the situation. Although this model has only been on the market for several months, there are already many rumors about it.

For example, according to some sources, the Pixel 6 could skip Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips and use a component developed by Google with the help of Samsung. This is good news, because a priori a self-made chip could enable Google to offer better optimization between its software and its hardware (Apple way).

But it is not your turn. The Pixel 6 chip would be a premium chip (as opposed to the Pixel 5 chip, which is an affordable component). And according to another rumor, this chip is said to be equipped with the same GPU as the global version of the Galaxy S21. In other words, when it comes to video games, the Pixel 6 should deliver a comparable experience to other premium models in 2021.

Revolutionary stabilization for the camera?

Google has also reportedly planned hardware improvements for the camera. In general, Mountain View Company prefers to rely on artificial intelligence to improve the quality of photos rather than focusing on hardware. With the Pixel 6, however, Google would make an effort to better stabilize the camera on the back thanks to a dial (gimbal).

In any case, this points to @FronTron, a source shared by the site. Furthermore, Google wouldn’t stop there. In fact, the company would also equip the Pixel 6 with a larger Samsung sensor. In addition, Google has reportedly developed a new NPU (Neural Processing Unit) and ISP (the unit that processes images) for its next flagship.

In the case of the camera, significant improvements can essentially be expected. And in combination with the excellent algorithms from Google, these hardware improvements could definitely make the Pixel 6 the new king of mobile photos and videos.

But of course this information is not official at the moment. And that’s why caution is advised. In any case, it is clear that Google should try to impress its fans this year.

Also note that for its 2021 models, Google would have planned to release the Pixel 6, a Pixel 6 Pro (but not “XL”) with better features, as well as its first smartphone with a foldable screen. And of course we also expect the Pixel 5a, the existence of which has already been confirmed by Mountain View.

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