Your smartphone prevents cutting with the desktop

According to the Digital Barometer published in 2019 and written by Arcep and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, 77% of French people own a smartphone. Not to mention the personal impact of smartphones, these devices have dramatically improved productivity in the workplace.

More and more companies are making professional smartphones available to their employees. In addition to the practical side, a kind of additional connection between the office and employees can also be established outside of working hours.

15% use their professional smartphone at night

Qualitrics, an American company based in Seattle, called “Experience Management”, carried out a study with 3,000 people. 68% of these panels say they use their personal smartphone to work, which makes disconnecting even more complicated.

62% continue to use their smartphone frequently for work outside of the office, 40% at night when they come home, and around 33% on weekends. In the extreme, 15% say they use a smartphone for business before bed and 15% at night.

A smartphone for professional use is recommended, but doesn’t really help. In any case, possession of this office-related item creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) syndrome in employees, or a fear of missing out.

In 60% of the cases, this results in a regular check of their emails, 40% of their notifications, and 29% who cannot avoid moving on to a task in order to “save” time. So many situations that cause stress and anxiety, in the worst case even burnout.

In France, an employer cannot blame an employee for not answering an email or phone call outside of his attendance hours. In Article 55 of the Labor Code there is a right written in black and white to separate from the office.

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