Cashbee, the mobile application that simplifies your savings

This is one of the most visible consequences of the pandemic: French savings have increased by 90 billion euros in one year. In the face of this unforeseen event, households often find it difficult to manage their finances. For many, the money just sleeps in their checking accounts, which do not bring them anything. Savers often do not want to put their money on risky investments. The bureaucracy and the many documents that you have to provide can also scare more than one.

Cashbee’s mobile application is supposed to be a game changer and takes on all of these problems directly. The goal of this fintech is very clear: it wants to make it easier for all French to save. No more appointments at a physical bank and the enormous loss of time associated with it, here the opening of a new fee-based account only takes five minutes. In a single tool, you will therefore find a paid brochure and life insurance that offers very attractive returns.

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Cashbee account: an accessible savings book with 2% interest

Cashbee is the certainty that you will benefit from optimal service and access to finely selected savings products. The company also offers many welcome features to help you optimize your investments. As security is paramount, the company is approved by the ACPR Banque de France and is subject to the European Directive on Payment Institutions. High standards and reliability are therefore essential for the application, which is subject to very high security requirements.

The flagship service offered is the Cashbee account. It is supported by My Money Bank, the company’s partner, free of charge and with no risk of losing capital. The latter pays the customers’ savings and guarantees the liquidity of the funds. For the user, it is therefore the security to benefit from one of the best-paid savings books on the market: 2% interest in the first three months, then 0.6% in the following months.

This option also offers a much more interesting return in the first year than the savings book A. As with other traditional savings offers, it is also protected by the deposit protection and resolution fund. Your savings are thus secured up to 100,000 euros in the event of the partner institution failing.

Cashbee +: Promised life insurance

This is a first in the financial world. With Cashbee +, the company offers the first exclusively mobile life insurance contract. This offer is based on a partnership with Generali Vie. Similar to the booklet, it is very easy to use and does not include any issue or redemption fees.

As the icing on the cake, Cashbee offers a welcome offer, which grants a bonus of 0.5% of the remuneration in addition to the fulfillment of the contract in the first year on all payments. Because finances need to be accessible to everyone, investment management is handled by professionals who will grow your investments. Your risk appetite and your beliefs are taken into account.

This is one of Cashbee’s most important commitments. Fintech wants to offer meaningful savings. Thus, all resources accessible under this contract are socially responsible. In other words, these investments must therefore pursue the goal of effective economic development and at the same time be socially just and environmentally sustainable.

Four topics are also offered to customers, thus taking their sensitivity into account. This is the case with Cashbeee + Inclusion, which enables solidarity investing. Cashbee + Climat offers an environmentally conscious investment. Cashbee + Tech offers you the opportunity to rely on the technologies of the future. After all, Cashbee + Impact combines these three topics.

Far from quitting so well, Fintech will be launching Cashbee + Immo, its new paper stone investment offering, in the coming weeks. As with the other products in the application, it is very easily accessible and 100% mobile. It offers optimal liquidity for this asset class and will also be socially responsible.

Innovative features to manage your savings

Cashbee knows how to adapt to the demand of the public who want access to all banking services in a single application. The service thus offers access to many options with which you can optimize your savings.

In particular, the platform enables a central view of all your accounts. Transfers are also free and only take a few clicks. Capital gains are calculated in real time, giving you a clearer overview.

In order to be able to organize yourself better, Cashbee also offers a detailed operating history and the possibility to make recurring transfers every month. Individual savings advice and life insurance investment simulations are also at your side. Finally, and in the event of problems, the application will notify you according to the balance of your checking account.

Discover Cashbee

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