China wants to secure its technological independence under pressure

Clouds have been piling over Chinese Tech for several years. This is particularly the case in the United States, where former President Donald Trump banned national companies from buying or selling services to Huawei. A real thorn in the side for Middle Kingdom society.

Likewise, out of concern for sovereignty, the UK government has asked its national mobile operators to stop installing Huawei devices in the UK 5G mobile network from September 2021. In France the government was not ready. The idea, however, is to limit the use of corporate technologies.

A massive investment in large science and technology projects

With this suspicion in mind, President Xi Jinping has just made a remarkable speech at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. His words, broadcast on national public television, show a real desire for technological independence. First of all, he states: “The autonomy and strengthening of science and technology must always be seen as a strategic support for national development”.

Before proceeding:

Scientific and technological development must target the global frontiers of science and technology, serve major economic battlefields, seek to meet the important needs of the country, and promote people’s life and health. In taking on the important tasks of the time, you should strive for independence and take science and technology to the next level.

The message to the best in national research is thus over. For its part, the state promises to lead by example. With this in mind, the communist regime has promised to invest heavily in major national scientific and technological projects under the fourteenth five-year plan.

Meanwhile, Huawei is suffering from economic rivalry with the West. In its most recent annual results, the company still reports sales of $ 136.7 billion in 2020, while net income is $ 9.9 billion.

However, these data are misleading. In fact, we can see the company is in decline in every region of the world except China, where its revenues grew 15.4% to a total of $ 77 billion.

In order to withstand the American sanctions and in particular the fact that it can no longer use Google’s mobile services, Huawei offers its own applications and tries to compensate for this deficiency somehow.

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