For the CEO of Spotify, Apple is a “dishonest” company

“I love you, neither do I”. This is the title of the column that Horacio Gutierrez, Legal Director of Spotify, published in the columns of the WSJ and The Verge. As the title of his paper suggests, he does not particularly value the practices of the Apple brand.

Although he admits he likes Apple products (“Jobs remains a benchmark,” he says), he considers them “intimidating” and “dishonest” by exploiting their dominant position. He writes :

There’s a lot to admire about Apple, but Spotify has seen another, brutal side too. Apple designs, develops, and sells some of the most sought-after products in the world. My company is one of the few that insists that behind this facade is a very intimidating, ruthless company that is using its dominance to stifle its competitors.

Spotify still angry with App Store commission

The executives at Spotify are therefore not aloof. Behind these points of criticism lies a problem highlighted by Epic Games: the commissioning of the app store. As a reminder, Apple charges a 30% commission for paid applications or application subscriptions. For example, Spotify has to pay this commission for every Premium subscription purchased through the iOS app.

The Swedish company had already expressed its dissatisfaction with the launch of Apple Music. She believed Apple was not playing at eye level and suing its rival.

In the past few days, the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games has re-surfaced this issue. And we can’t really say that Tim Cook managed to convince the jury.

The legal director of Spotify is also amazed at the shaky statements made by the American company. “It is remarkable how little we have learned from Apple’s statements. They keep coming back under the same pretext, ”he wrote.

More specifically, Apple justifies its 30% commission on costs related to protecting the privacy and security of its users. “They don’t even apply these rules to certain applications that are still in the App Store,” concludes Horacio Gutierrez. So act.

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