He fished his iPhone 12 thanks to his MagSafe charger

In October 2020, during the presentation of the iPhone 12, Apple used the event to announce the return of MagSafe technology. This system made it possible in particular to magnetize the chargers of MacBooks of the older generation with the computer.

If MagSafe no longer exists on MacBooks, this system will make a comeback with the iPhone. MagSafe is more than a magnetic charger, it seems a lot more useful than it seems! On Twitter, a user named Frederik Riedel shares a funny story in which his MagSafe charger plays an important role.

Something happened tonight. A friend of mine dropped his iPhone 12 Pro on the Berlin Canal. It disappeared in the mud. He waded through the water three feet deep. No way to find it. But he found a Nintendo Switch instead.

– Frederik Riedel πŸ»β€β„οΈ (@frederikRiedel) May 29, 2021

While spending time with his friends on the Berlin Canal, one of them drops his iPhone 12, which immediately lands on the bottom of the canal in the mud. Fortunately, the depth of the channel is only a meter, so they did not hesitate to dive, but could not find the smartphone in the thick mud. Frederik even says he found a Nintendo Switch, but not an iPhone 12 …

MagSafe to the rescue!

It was at this point that Frederik Riedel came up with the idea of ​​using his MagSafe charger as a magnetic fishing rod. It only took a few minutes for the charger to be attached to the back of the lost iPhone and brought back to the surface. What a relief ! Especially since the iPhone 12 worked wonderfully, even after spending several minutes underwater in the mud.

Really. And it still works. pic.twitter.com/gVNiLQhhpI

– Frederik Riedel πŸ»β€β„οΈ (@frederikRiedel) May 30, 2021

The MagSafe charger shows once again that it is much more useful than you think. If you are thinking of buying a MagSafe charger at the best price, tell yourself that it can come in handy.

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