Here’s another great reason to switch iPhone this year

Apple fans, put down your shields. Yes, the latest generations of iPhones have great battery life. Since the iPhone 11, Apple has improved this point significantly, making the Pro versions some of the longest-lasting smartphones on the market.

However, many users still have older models. For them, autonomy remains a real everyday problem, since the old iPhone generations had to be charged daily at best, twice a day at worst.

According to the latest rumors, the next iPhone 13 will prove to be even more durable than the last generations. Good reason to switch this year? Without doubt.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max will have the largest battery ever built into an iPhone

Autonomy is based on two aspects: battery capacity and software optimization. If Apple seems to have mastered the second term, its iPhones still contain very small batteries.

This would not be the case with the next iPhone 13. According to a rumor from China, the new range will contain 8 to 20% larger batteries.

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Thus, the iPhone 13 Pro Max would deliver a 4352 mAh battery (a record for Apple) that is 18% larger than that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 and the Pro version would both have a 3,095 mAh battery. Battery, which corresponds to an increase of 10%. After all, the iPhone 13 mini would be equipped with a 2406 mAh battery, which is an increase of 8%.

In comparison, most Android smartphone manufacturers manage to accommodate even larger batteries in devices that are just as compact. Nevertheless, Apple models contain a technology that is unique on the market and that takes up a lot of space: Face ID.

This year, Apple is slated to reduce the footprint of its facial recognition technology, which is exactly what makes room for the battery.

Should we conclude that the gain in autonomy is proportional to the size of the battery? Absolutely not. Because the new iPhone should be equipped for the first time with a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Since this technology uses more energy, the gain in autonomy compared to the previous generation shouldn’t be impressive. On the other hand, the new iPhone 13 gives those with an older iPhone the opportunity to explore a world without a charger in their pocket.

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