It’s over tonight, here are 10 offers not to be missed

This new edition of the French Days is about to end. As of last week, many players have contributed to this operation by revealing tons of offers. Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, AliExpress or Samsung stand out at this major event. All the heavyweights of e-commerce are there to put on the show with discounts. Here is our selection of great offers that you can grab again this Wednesday.

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At these French Days, Cdiscount took first place on the bargain podium. The French retailer can even overtake Amazon in this issue, its Flash offers are very generous. These are mainly products from very popular brands such as Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung or Dyson. However, stocks are still limited.

For online retailers, the French Days are an opportunity to present flash sales. This type of discount is intended to display a large instant discount on an often popular product. However, the supply is very limited in time and stocks remain limited. The surgery ends today, which is another reason not to wait before discovering the day’s deals.

Our list of good offers particularly highlights product categories related to technology, it makes sense. However, the French Days do not stop at this one topic; several references are targeted on this occasion. Whether you want to save on decoration, home improvement or even household appliances, this is possible at this event. You just have to be quick during these hours.

The French Days, a constantly growing company

The French Days emerged from the desire of French retailers to fight against Black Friday, which was imported directly from the USA. Several ecommerce players have decided to take revenge by starting their own business that has grown in success over the years. The offers are becoming more and more interesting and the public is finding the opportunity to do real business.

This year the French Days will take place from Thursday, May 27th to Wednesday, June 2nd. Due to the somewhat special health situation, this edition will take place a little later than in previous years. This day is the last opportunity to save money on this operation. All major brands are affected by the current offers, which increases the interest in this event.

During the French Days, online retailers tend to post the best deals in the first few days, so stock-outs are very quick. This edition is no exception, some products are not available on the platforms. Fortunately, Cdiscount, Amazon, and the others are adding lots of flash sales on a regular basis, it’s still been the case as of this morning.

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What are the good deals?

This edition of the French Days shows very popular references from Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and all other online retailers. Thousands of offers are available on the platforms, it is easy to get lost. So that you can see better, we’ve put together a small list of the best offers that are still available for this last day. The selection is updated live, this should help you to save time.

Among all the offers of these French days, some stand out because they stand out from the others. The first is signed Cdiscount, which is not surprising given that the retailer is really positioned as the main actor in this issue. It shows a discount on the MacBook Air M1 by increasing its price to 1,029 euros instead of 1,129 euros. This is a great opportunity to save on the latest Apple brand laptop, it is equipped with the new processor developed by the manufacturer. Simply put, it’s a powerhouse in a laptop that is still easy to carry around.

Cdiscount is also campaigning for the French Days with this offer for the Dyson V8. In great demand all year round, the brand is also entitled to an offer from the online retailer. The excellent cordless vacuum cleaner sinks to 299 euros instead of 449 euros. In comparison, the current Dyson V11 is offered at a price of 599 euros and is therefore significantly more expensive.

The other reference for these French days is an offer from Cdiscount and Amazon. The two online retailers are increasing Apple’s AirPods Pro to 199 euros instead of 279 euros. It’s rare for an Apple product to get such a huge discount, it’s the best wireless headphones price right now. Suffice it to say that retailers did not skimp on offers for manufacturers’ devices.

Flexibility during the French days

In France, the withdrawal period must be 14 days after ordering from online retailers – this is the legal minimum when shopping on the Internet. During this entire period (French days or not), users will have the opportunity to change their mind in order to return the product to the platform or to the brand for free. If so, it will be fully refunded upon purchase.

This second chance applies to all online retailers participating in the French Days. Amazon leaves a return policy up to 30 days after receiving your order to change your mind, which is 14 days for most online gamers such as Cdiscount, Samsung, Fnac, Darty and others. It’s perfect if the lightning deals got you something quick with your choice.

The French days on Cdiscount, Amazon and others end today. You still have a few hours to find the latest deals from online retailers where prices are back to normal. This is your last chance to find products from major brands at great prices.

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