many bugs for the new version 91

For the past few days, Microsoft Edge users have been able to download the latest version of their favorite web browser. A version 91, of course still based on Chromium, which brings a lot of new features … but also some nasty surprises.

Microsoft Edge 91: many errors in the menu

If Microsoft actually manages to gradually regain Internet users’ trust in Edge, with the latter recently overtaking Mozilla Firefox in terms of market share, the latest update could cool some fans off. In fact, the brand new version 91 has some bugs and other malfunctions that can be quite annoying.

First, some users report the disappearance of the “+” button in their browser that opens a new tab. A concern that would be random and would manifest itself at the browser’s will. Rebooting the latter seems to (generally) solve the problem.

Other users also report minor performance issues after the latest Edge update. Some computers actually seem to show weaknesses when starting Edge. Again, restarting the browser or the computer usually provides a solution.

Finally, the current Microsoft Edge 91 also has the annoying tendency to show a popup on startup asking the user whether they want to use the Microsoft recommended settings or would rather keep their personal settings. This applies in particular to the search engine configured by default. If the user does not opt ​​for the Bing search engine, the browser would have this annoying tendency to display the window as regularly as possible.

A bit at the time of the switch to Windows 10, Microsoft would have configured its browser in such a way that it sometimes over-stimulates the user to use Microsoft Bing as the default search engine. We can bet that these few “bugs” will be fixed quickly by the American giant.

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