The group behind the cyber attack is celebrating a brilliant comeback

Last December, the SolarWinds cyberattack caused a lot of talk. As a reminder, this offensive hit several large American federal agencies that used the services of the IT company. Important companies were also affected by this action. Since then, the US authorities have been claiming that Russia was behind this series of hackers, which the latter have always denied.

Six months later, Microsoft researchers warned again that the group that was involved in the SolarWinds cyberattack is back. US government agencies, think tanks and NGOs have reportedly been targeted.

Gather information on American foreign policy

Analysts have now given this mysterious collective a name that is believed to be linked to Russian foreign intelligence services: Nobelium. To start their attack, the hackers were able to find a way by gaining access to the US Development Agency’s email marketing service.

As a result, phishing emails were sent to potential targets. The process would have worked fine and included the words “SPECIAL ALERT” or “DONALD TRUMP” to pique curiosity.

The aim, according to Microsoft, was to gather information about US foreign policy. 3000 email accounts in 150 different organizations were affected by this offensive. Note that the destinations are in 24 different countries.

Sergei Naryshkin, the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SSR), for his part formally denied the involvement of his service. Quoted by the BBC, he states that “these statements are worthy of a bad detective story”.

Microsoft has not yet specified the extent of the damage caused by these hacks. After the SolarWinds hack, the new Biden government had already promised retaliatory measures against Russia. In addition to economic sanctions, new cyber attacks are to be responded to in order to set a sign of determination.

Perhaps Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutine will also have the opportunity to discuss this subject when they meet in Geneva on June 16.

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