When (exactly) will Dogecoin arrive on Coinbase?

A new chapter is presented this week for the Dogecoin token. The platform with 56 million users, Coinbase, will integrate cryptocurrency without further delay. The company announced this yesterday along with an announcement for its now compatible Apple Pay and Google Pay debit cards.

Surprisingly, Coinbase won’t give all users access to exchanges. Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency price, initially only “Coinbase Pro” customer accounts have access to it. The shopping platform has not made any announcement of a future date for the expansion of access for all users.

Dogecoin on Coinbase

Therefore, in its most recent announcement, Coinbase has indicated the date and time of the debut of Dogecoin on its service. On Coinbase, Dogecoin will arrive in France tomorrow, Thursday, June 3rd at 9 a.m. (Pacific time) or 6 p.m. As of now, users can make inbound transfers of cryptocurrency to their Coinbase digital wallet.

In June, Dogecoin ended its bull run in April / May, which saw days of over 200% growth to $ 0.7, its all-time high. Many dreamed that this meteoric surge would hit the dollar, but Elon Musk’s community and jokes weren’t enough.

At the Coinbase announcement, Dogecoin started rising again and its price is currently $ 0.41, up 26%. Its capitalization is currently between XRP and Cardano at a volume of $ 53.7 billion. If Coinbase were to offer cryptocurrency to all of its 56 million users, the price could skyrocket even further.

That said, the trading platform is realistic. She has already set the limits of Dogecoin for its service and stated that stopping trading would be entirely possible if the market were no longer “healthy and orderly”. In both upward and downward trends, its price is as attractive as it is dangerous. Its 50% drop (stronger than Bitcoin) reminds us of that.

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