Mark Zuckerberg is promoting WhatsApp and introducing its new functions

WhatsApp has gone through a major storm in the past few months. After things calmed down around the new privacy policy, the Facebook group is trying to breathe new life into it by revealing new things … and an unusual announcement.

Instead of informing us about it through a press release, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to play the chat game via instant messaging.

So the two presented the changes that users will soon see. The screenshots of the conversation were published exclusively by the WABetaInfo site, which was always the first in the news and reviews of the WhatsApp application.

© WABetaInfo

What’s changing with WhatsApp?

The main change discussed is the ability to use WhatsApp on 4 devices (without the main device connected to the internet). Users will no longer have a problem with only having to use WhatsApp on their smartphone and computer.

In addition, WhatsApp mentioned the ability to get onto the iPad through an application. But you have to wait and see. Multi-device support is expected in the next two months.

The other points discussed concern functionality related to confidentiality. For example, threads of conversation can be automatically deleted and a display mode for short-lived messages (deleted after they have been read by the recipient).

These features are reminiscent of what Telegram offers today. Since January, the number of messaging and signal users has grown exponentially. WhatsApp was seen more and more as the villain of the gang, which Mark Zuckerberg now apparently wants to change.

Will it work? Keep in mind that Facebook intends to bring WhatsApp closer to its other services in order to make the platform profitable for more than 3 billion active users. In the future, more profound innovations will appear, especially in the functionalities of payment and purchase from messaging.

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